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y THE SECRET! Many wonder wliy we have s...

y THE SECRET! Many wonder wliy we have s... image
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y THE SECRET! Many wonder wliy we have soldmore goods in the past vear than ever before in the same length of time, wl;ile our competitors and in fact most every other dealer in the State, are complaining about a falling off in trade. To make a long story short it is onr SUPERIOR ADV AÏW AG E For buving goods. We are connected with two of the best and largest manufacturers ia the United States, thereby giving us a knowledge which other dealers do not have. This together with fair dealing and one price to all, not only in WORD but in FACT is what is making onr business boom, in what are called hard times by others. We haven't space to speak of what we intend to do this spring, but a visit to our mammoth store will convince all that we are prepared to meet the wants of the people. Our SPRING OVERCOAT Line will be the greatest ever seen in Ann Arbor. Winter G-loves and Mittens, Underwear and Winter Overcoats at greatly reduced prices until APRIL lst. We have a few odd Suits and some odd Pants which we will sell at 1-2 price.


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