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Enpepsy. THis is wliat you ouglit to hav...

Enpepsy. THis is wliat you ouglit to hav... image
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Enpepsy. THis is wliat you ouglit to have, in fact, you must have it, to fully enjoy life. Thousands are eearcliins; for it daily, and mournlng becaiise they find it not. Tliousands upon thousands of dollars are spent annually by our people in the hope that thcy may attain this boon. And yet it may be had by all. We guarantee that Electric Bitters, if used according to directions and the use persisted in, will bring yon Good Digestión and oust the demon Dyspepsia and install instead Eupensy. We recommend Electric Bitters for Dyspepsia and all diseases of Liver, Stomach and Kidneys. Sold nt 50c. and $1.00 per bottle by Eberbach & Son'i drug store. BURLINGT05 ROUTE. Home Seeker's Excursions. The Burlington Koute, C. B. & Q. R. Il , will sell on Tuesdays, April 22(1 and MaA 20tu. Mome Seeker's Excursión Tickets at Half Jiates to pointe In Farming Reglons of the West, Northwest and Southwest. Limit thirty days. For folder giving details concernlng tickets, rates nnd time of trains, and for descriptive land folder, cali on your ticket asient, or nddress P. S. Eustis. Gen'l Pass. and Ticket Agent, Chicago, 111. A New York girl who was nttending r.ooking scliool got so infatuated with tho culinary art that slie went of and murrietl a supe.- Boston Courler. Wonien with palé, colorless faces wlio feel week and discouraged, will receive both mental and bodily vijjor by uslng Carter' Iron Pilis, whlch are made for the blood, neryes and complexion.


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