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I" a railway colusión on tho 'i'Jd near Portagp, X. Y., Fireman Hughes and Braken) en Riley and Olsen woro killed and several other porsons woro badly injured. A fYCi.ONií on the 22d killed ono man, injured aeveral others and ruinod much proporty in Eiliremirr. U '. General Robert Cvmmixo Schkn'í k, Congrí s-üiKin. soldier and diplómate, died in Washington on the evening of the 23d of pneumonía, in his 81st year. Decatur, Ind., a man, a woman and a child wove instantly killod on the 22d by an explosión of dynamite. Hkiii water in the Alleghany and Monongahela rivera was causing great damage on the .i:ld to farm lands and houses in the viclnlty of l'ittsburgh. Pa. A itoii.p:it in a saw-mill at Wicklillo, Ky., oxploded on tho "2-2d, killing two men and badly injuring fivo others. l'üAiuiE fires were raging on the 22d in Southern Colorado down to the Kansas border, and already a hundred thousand acres had boen devastated. Ii.t.inois Prohibitionists will mfiot in State convention at Bloomington May 27. ADVICE8 of tbe -'M from London say that the liiitisli Ktoamer Virent was abandoned al sea ador tlio malo and fourteen of her crew had been lost. In searching tho ruins at Seattlo, Wash., on the 22d of the block rocontly burned the charred remains of two men and one woman wero found. Thk main portion of Hamilton, 111., was burnod on the 28d. Whii.k on a dranken spreo on the 23d near Covinston, Ky., William Kinney, Peter McGinness and John lSurko were drowned by the capsizing of a boat. NntB suïcides on the sido in Chicago wero reportod during the week ended on the 23d. SeVBN sallors were drowned on tho 22d by the founderlng of tho British steamer Ethel CJwi'iidoline off the coast of Scotland. Á NEW countortelt dimo which closoly resembles the genuine was put in circulation in New York on the -Jtid. Senatou BlaiB rolntroduccd in the United States Senat on the 28th his educational bill. modifiod so that tho appropriation deinanled is SOO,OÜO,OOO. A bill appropriating 8800,006 for a public building at Ashland, Wis., was reported favoralily. In tho House a bill was paseed i-epealjng tho timber-culture act, andpotitions were presented against tho imposition of duty upon hidos, opposing a tax on conipound lard, and against material chango in the iramigration and náturalizátlon laws.


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