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Congressman Allen On The Right Track

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Representa tiveAllen onTuesday Ín conjunctiou witli iiiue other representativos of luirthwt'Sterii states and territnries, were before tlie counnittee on tariff and ulvocated a radical downwnrd cut in silgar and a radical elevation of the wool BChedule. Asked why til is doublé backaction cut was advocated, Mr. Alien responded to the effect that native Migar growing liail dwindled to snch nsignlficant proportions that a reduclion of the tarlff on foreign sugar becaine a necesslty in order that that oommodlty milit be cheiipened to ooniamera. When it carne lo wool, ihut vva a rapidjy growlng uclustry in wliioh large suma of money were invt'SU'd ín the United Slalc s. and neetfed protectlon for the present ut least. Ki')resentutive Allen has prepared a liill which he will present at the tirst oppiirtunity, nttacliing the weatber tignul service bureau to .ho ngrlcffltural departinent in order that the farmers niay re -i'ive prompt Information aa to the state of' Uie


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