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OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OFFICE HOURS. LOCAL TIME. Seneral 7.80 a. m. to 7.30 P. m. Moiii'y-ijnliT and Kcgistry Depurtmcnts 8.00 A. M. to SM r. U. umlays ,.'i ii a. K. lo 1U.UO A. M M.rro Mails GOING KAST. nJiïï? DlSTBIBOetroll & Chicago R. P.O. 7.30 A. M. Kxpres8 Fouch to Detroit 7.50 a. M Pi'iroll & (iraud Kuplds B. i. O 10.40 A.M. 11.30 a. m. ■íxpress Poucli to Detroit s.00 p. M üeirolt & Cliiciign R. P. o. 5 ijo p. m. O.-üi v. m. DelroitJtUtücagoll.l'. O. 8.00P.M UOIN'Q WKST. Detroit Chicago B. P. O. 7,:Ma.m. Detroit, Ttiree Jlivers, & Chicago K. P. 0 10.23 A.M.! 11.30 A..M. Detroit SCblcagoR. P. O. 9 0ja. .m H.IÍa. m. ' Poucli Iroiu Detroit 3.15P.M. Jetrolt & Orund Uaplds K. P. 0 6.20P.M. 0.20P.. etrolt Chicago K. P. O. 8.00 F. M GOING NORTH. : idillac Toledo R. P.O. 7 40a.m. 8.W a. m. ïxpress Pouch from Toledo 6.45 P. M. GOING SOUTH. Cadillac Toledo R. P. O. 11.25 A. M. 12.30 p. M. tfxpress Pouch to Toledo. 8.00 p. M EIHVARD DUFPT, Ajm Arlor, Micl., June ÏSSO. Postmaster.


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