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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank!

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Organi.iil 1MO, nnder the General Banking Law of thls state. CAPITAL $50,000. TOTAL ASSETS $673,660.12. SURPLUS S1OO.OOO. BoallMM men, Qoardlana, Trastees, Ladles and other persons wlll flnd thls Bank a SAFE AND CONVENIENT PLACE At which to mke Deposita and do business. tateresl Isallowedon uil Savtnga Deposita of $1.00 and apward, acoordlng to the mies ol tlie bank, and interest coinpouiuleil Bomt-ftnao&lly. Monoy to Loan in, Sums of $25 to $5,000 Secured by unlucunibered Eeal Estáte and other good securitles. DISECTQS3- Christian Mack, W. W. Wines, W. D. Harriman, William Deuble, David Einsoy, Daniol Hiscock and W. E. Smith. 0?ri33ttS- Shristian Mack, President! W. W. Wines, Vice President; C. E. Hisco:k, CasMer. REPORT OF THE CONDITION mabilitibs. -of- CapIUI etock paid iu 8 -r'O.WK) 00 THE Ai 111 SWIS5S BASK IMsl=i=sl Siivin;; depoelti 878350 79 Al Aun Arh;r, Michigan, at the close of n,„. to Iwnks and banker l.OSSt W baglnaes, Ccrtifloate of dupoait 20,81088 may 17. 1890. Total .i2irrc BXSOUBCB8. - I.„;u,. ■n„l aiBeonn S'?S !s Statk of Michigan, Cdu.nty of Wasiitesi()c!iH, bonüfli mortKAges, etc --, ► tknaw ös. ii,lTr!n!!?úü;{'"ür;'y''r"S msmu Cha. E. Hlsoock, Cashler of the abov ü L r, " '"" rY' '"' oV;' :, namod Bank, do solemnly wear ihat the above ï 1 r 1 Vüï;;;;:; iS5 L Büitement la tn..-, lo the bel o( my knowlodpe and Corren! expenses and táxee pald fia 88 CUAS. K. III il K, I ubt r. Checfce and cash Items l.ll'.i lil Chhkt- AUcbi : NIekelaand pennlet '■' 7(1 CBRI3TIAN MACK, ) O,)ld „ 15,000 00 DAVID HINSKV. V Dircctors. Süv.r 1.1HIOU0 WILLIAM 1). HAKKIMAN, ) U. S.and Natten] Bauk Nota _iuL.J Sntacrfbod an.l worn to l,forc me, thfa 2lth Totll '17 80 dy of May, isla). MICHAK1 J. FRITZ.


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