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Potatoes are in good demand in Salem. Board of Review of Ypsilanti close tlielr lubors to day. The whortleberry erop givcs mucli promise this season. The cut worm and potato bug are on deck ready tor business. The Sylvan Center church is to be repaired - by a committee. Qeo. H. Kempf, of Chelsea, has goue to Texas on a business trip. The Mooreville creamery bids fair to be turned into a cheese fuctory. There are fourteen in the graduating class of the Brigliton high School. The Blackman block at Hilan haa been improved by a new plate glass front. M. J. Noyes, of Chelsea, bas set out 1,000 peach trees this spring on h'13 farm. Coinmencemer.t exercises at the Saline high school will be unusually attructive this year. Thos. lürkett, of Birkett, has set out 1,000 peach trees on bis Prospect furm this spring. The Stony Creek Pre9byterians liave new pulpit furuiture and a nuw carpet in their chureb. The youngpeople of the M. E. church, Ypsilanti, made $138 by their lOth annual May festival. The two graduales from the Milan bieb school this year will bc May McUrcgor and Effie Haight. Miss Clara Alexander, formerly of Dexter, was married recenlly In Jackson to Mr. John McCall. Mrs. Isaac Terry, died on Thursday last, May 29th, it her home in Webster, in the 64th year of her age. The boys are entching large numbers of fish now. They are principally Sun(day) iish and buil heads. - Manchester Enterprise. James Baker and Dan Hurley of Whittaker recently caught 55 woodchucks in one day and sold their scalps to the tuwn at 15c. apiece. The Grand Trunk rallroad bas lately dumped 1,800 car loads of earth into a sink-bole near Walled Lake and the hole still yearns for more. - Plymonth Mail. A farmer who has a sand hill farm says that the rain on Satorday waslied the sand from the hills on to his corn, covering it in some places two fcet deep. - Manchester Enterprise. Prof. Waller and family and Mr. Scott expeot to leave for Colfax, Washington, about Sept. Ist. Severa! otliurs aro :ilso talking of leaving for the west before fall. - Dexter Leader. Harry F. Sales, the singina evangelist, is expected to be in Stockbridge, Sunday June 8tb, to inaugúrate a series of gospel meetings to be continued about two weeks. - Stockbridge Sun. On Friday afternoon at Ypsilanti, there is to be a musical exhibition givcn by grades 2, 3, -1 and 5 of the public schools. These are sald to be very interesting and encouraging to the pupils. Farmers are complaining greatly of the unusual amount of rain fulling. They are unable to get in their crops and in many cases the ground is so wet that they are unable to plow.- Chelsea Herald. Nothing so inspires a single lady with courage, as the sight of a meek and lowly wlfe trying to make a garden with a plckax, vrliile a fond and devoted husband is blistering his hands with a tishlng pole. The general report from all sections of the county is to the eftect that wheat and hay are booming along at a lively rate. The corn erop will probably be a failure. There has been too miich rain to get the planting done. There seems to be a fair prospect of a good peach erop over at Hartland lUU year. Mr. Frank Walsh of that place wa in town Tuesday and informed us that. he has been oflered $900 for his erop.- Brlghton Citizen. About $265 was spent for beer and budge here last Saturday, and we venture the assertion that a majoritv of the men down whose throats the stuft' was pourcd are grumblers about the hard times, and their " luck."- Milan Leader. The 6th annual reunión of the Storms, Boynton, Rockwell and Killem families will take place in the towu hall at L'ma June 7t!i. They have secured the services of the Wedemyer String Band. Au interestlng time may be expected. In every fashionable audience, congregación, or company there is seen a larger quantity of blue than any other color. So blue is coming up in favor.- Chelsea Herald. It always has been a popular color. A large majority of the people never give up the bluts. The barn of Alfred Davenport in York, wns stnuk by lightning recently, whilc he and his daughter were therein. Three horses were made deaf by the shock. Oue of the timbers of the barn strtick was set on lire, but Mr. Davenport put it out before much damage was done. A rejuvenating spirit secin-s to have struck the Baptist society. They bega by treating the parsonage to a tasty new coat of palnt, and now they are fixing up the church, and last, but not least, removed part of the fence about the parsonage. Now remove the street fence and improve the looks still more.- Saline Observer. The managers of the county fair association are putting forth every effort to make the coming fair, which will be the flrst ht'ld on their new grouuds, a roaring succes. The future success of the association depends mucli on the coming f.iir and it behooves all who want to see a fair in Ann Arbor, to put their shoulder to the wheel. - Saline Observer. Mr. Daniel Pierce is alinost daily see" on our streets, and a gtranger would scarcely take him for one of the early ioneers, so active and vigorous does he appear. He Is, neverthelefis, one of the early blrds, oominx here in 1836. at the nre ''t 21, and settling at Hawsonville. He afterwards moved :i} miles south, whcra he built a mili, long knowu as Pierci's mili, but now called Eaton's mili?. He has lived for 33 years on the farm he now occuplés, and all join in the hope that nunv more years may be added to those already passed so pleasantly among frleuds and neighbors.- Ypsilantian. It is reported that the wife of a P. of I. farmer went to a co operative store ol that order in Milan the other day and boueht a pair of shoe, for which she paid $2 00. After she had made her purchase she thouvht she would step into another store, out of the fold, and see if she had received any reduction in the price of her shoes of the same make as those she had purchased at the P. of I. store, which she was only asked $1.60 for. She Uien went back to the store where she made lier purchase and insisted upon tlieir refunding her back the 40 cents. They refused and she carrled her grievance to lier husband, who went to lown and beng also refused the diflerence in the price of the suoes proceeded to tan the hide of the would be P. of I. storekeeper.- Wayne Review. Sharon cor. of the Ypsilantian : " The wheat on the ground is looking fairly well, especially tliat sown on summer fallow, but the grasa erop will be a llght one, red sorrel predominating. This is the case on these Grass Lake plains, where, lor four years, we have had repeated failures of clover seeding. I have not secn tlie {round so saturated wlth water for yeara is it is now, and there can be no question but this spring's clover seeding will be n aucoess as the young plants are now an inch or more in height. The apple trees and cherry trees are blossomed very full, and the prospects are fiood for thetu. There is occasionally a peacli, but they are very scarce. Strawberries are no good at all. On the whole.I don'tsee but that we can live a year without starving anyway, and with a good start, we can trust in Providence for the future and have nothing to fear but debts."


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