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HUTZEL'S WATER BACK ! A very important invention which will be hailed with delight by everybody using a stove or range for hot water circulation. After years of experience we have succeeded n pro] ducing a simple and perfect WATER BACK. It overcomes all the present troubles of extracting lime and other sediments which accumulate in water backs, often making them useless and in great many instances becoms ing dangerous. The outlay of dollars is reduced to dimes. No household using a range can afford to be without it. No more trouble by using city water for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Ask your stove dealer for Hutzel's Water Back. Mason & Davis Co's. ranges for sale at C. Eberbach are provided with our improvement. Everybody cali and examine tlus useful invention. HTJTZEL Sc CO., Plumbera and ÜHecMjtttert. ANN ARBOR, - - MICH W. F, LODHOLZ IS OFFEBIXG BARGAINS mm AND JWI8IS LOOK AT THEM 5 II.-. .. .1 VI' IV Tli.V 1.0O 7 arn I,l Miin SOAP 5 lllvNX 11 14 11. TKNTOIL, kt n:il. O7 ItliST WATKll WHITK, ' O8 ■t Ohm hok i: tuuatoem ■;.". Il Van IIIIIIK COKX SS YKLLOW l'i: V II KH, woith ii,e per ('an, lor IK PIK FHACIIKH, per Can 15 I'IM-., 'II i:i iliiVMIIi COVKlii:, per lb 3S " OI'R RKAUTV" SIIIIKIM. TOBACCO, per lb O BEST II llilM. 1-OWDEB, in 1 Ib. Cano, per lb 25 J1IVHU CANUV, per lb 10 ALL GOODS TRESB AND WAERANTED : -W IT WILL PAY YOU TO TRADE WITH - W. F. LODHOLZ, 4 & 6 BRU1DWAY, l AKHOR. isaa


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