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The College Entrance--prize And Honor Examinations

The College Entrance--prize And Honor Examinations image
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To the Editor:- Uelievinfc Ihat your readers wunld like to know further concernlng the "union" college exaininatioDS to be held under ray directloD June 14tb, in the High School building, I send you brief st itenent. The plan adopted by the society, uuder whose auspices the examinations are held, ig founded on a suggestion of 'resident Eliot of Harvard, and is of un[uestionable utility to both colleges and and the public, promising to grow soon nto universal favor. The entrance cxmlnations will entitle to ndmission to a lumber of colleges, among whicli are the Juiversity of Tennessee, Milwaukee Colege, St. Joh n 's College, Colorndo Colege, Potter College, Western College, he National Universityof Chicago. A rize of $50 Is offered to the ctudent who jasses the best cxaininatlon. The examtions are open to all persons of eitlier ex, whether they expect to enter college r not. Indeed, many of our lettellers and tudents may enter simply for tlie recoid nd certificates offered or to compete for he prize. To def ray expensas, a sniall ee of $1 will be chargtfd. All work will e in wrlting. Followlng the plan of tlie Universlty f London, tirat and sccud Imuor exüini.itiiiis in modern and clas-ical lanuajíes, mathematica, tclencc, history, or ny other desired subject on due notice, vill be furnished by the last nanied Unierslty, tliu fee beiug $2, which entitles ie successful candidatos to suitable eerïficates, to be mude the basis of correstoadlng diplomus. These are designed or ad vaneed scholars, profestional genirmen and all who wish a test of their tnowledge and its proper public recogition. Sueb plan cannot fall to promote iie interests of popular cdiication. The reasnrer, F. W. Harkiu, 147 Throop st., Chicago, III , will gladly send circulars to ny one on request. Examinations begin t 9 a. in. Candidates should fnrnlrfa eceasary raaterials. Respectfully your?,


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