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m C TT 3=3 2=3 ■- Bujotjsness, men heajoachj HEAKTBÜKS, MTEK UÍDIOKSTXOH PÏSPEPSIA, OOMPIUNT, JAUNDICB BT CSDïG TILE GEKEHNB Dr.C.E&cLANE'SBB CELEBRATED ■BLIVER PSLL8! IT.EPAEKD OSLT DY FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa, jffrfiiwaieot COUSTESFEIT3 made In Et Loula."VI CARTER'Slc__3s=v 19 IE" S5 I v tl sas3ï CURE Blek Iloadacbe and reliovoall thotrmiblea Incldont to a bilioua stilte of tho yBtom. puoh as Dlzxhxem, Navisoa, Droweliwjia. Distn ia aftor OAtiitg, Paiu iu the Si.lo, &0 W)ülo t!n:iriuoBt romarkablo succeds baa boen ehowu in c uring SfC1 Üoaclacho, yet Cnrtor'a Littlo Liver rills aro cqually valiiabloiaCoJistipation.curinfiRudproYonting t'ji3anuoyí:ií?coiaplaiut,whilo they also corrcctalldis()rik'rs()fthoBtomach,6timulatothe livor and rogulato the bowols. Evon if they ouly HEAD Acbotliey wouldboalmostpricelesatoibosowlio uffor fromthislistr:6iiingconiiilniiit; i)rflfortunatoly theirgoodneasdoes noteud hoio.and thoso whooncotrytbomwill find theaülitilopilltivaluuble in Boniany wayatUat they wiU uot bj willing to do without tUem. But aftor allsick head ACHE Is tbo bane of so many livos that horo Ja where womakeourgreat boiist. Our pilla cate lt whüo otbcrB do not. Cartor's Littlo Liver Pilla aro vcry Rmall and vcry easy to talu. Onu ..r two pilla mnkoa doso. Thoy arestrictly veorblo ainl do n-t tripo or purpo, but ly üiolrgeaUeaction plocmall who neethem. IiiTlal8t'J5cen(s; ftvofjr$l. Sold byUruKgiataoveryv.:!' -e, or ■ i.t!-y muil. CARVER MEDICINE CO., New York. SUALLPILL. SMALL DOSE. SHALLPRICE whaT SUUil V scrofula EMULSIÓN ?gSSSgms PIIDCC COLDS üUncd Wasting EiseaBea Wonderful Flo6h Producer. Many havo gained one pound per day by its use. Scott's Emulsión is not a secret remedy. It contains the stimulating properties of the Hypophosphitcs and pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, tha potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all Druggists. 8COTT & BOWNE. Chemlsts. N.Y. To euro Bilionsnes8, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Livor Complainls, tako tho safo and certain remedy, SMITKt'S BILE BEANS Vso the SMAI.I. Size (-10 littlo lteanntn tlie bOttlc). TllEY AKE THE MfiST CONVKNIKNT. Snitablo cali Afios. Prlec of oitlnr size, 35c. por Hol tl e. K IXXIfiiiAïl-Sl-IU PANKL SIZB J.F.SMITH&CO.uursoi i:.ei;kans, ST. LOUIS MO. CREAM ODE1 PRUNES A vcry plenrint T.nxntive, mado from tlio juire of Frej n Pnine i couibined ui-.h '.armlesa - ib) Ingrodieuts i;f well-kn vn aod Uighly medicinal quuiüet, pin up lo üie foi oí CREAM DROPS, Makïhg a vcry valuable proparation FOf? 1NFANTS andCHILDREN, ABstoDÜRtiog lile food .uní Rgulatinf; thc Siomach and ow Ís. It Pron otes Digestión, Cheerfulness and Ret IT IS A WORDERFÜL REMEÍX rorC NSTIPATION, S UR STOMACH, CO IVUI.SIONS, LOS3 ! SLEEP v.o;í,ms. FE ERI8MNE"S, Etc. P ce 26 Certs. BBIOO8 HEDUT ' CO., :■' vil, N. for salí: . EliERBACH & SOX. ■ ANX AKBOB. BabbeT Shoos antees worn nncomfortably Ught, goner&lly tllp off the feet. THE 'COLCiraSTEE" RUBBER CO. rnnVc uil thelr rtiow wlth IiuMo of heel ]lnl wlth ruhtn-r. TtiU clines to Uio tthoo and prefvuu the rubber frum llpplng off. Cali for tho " Colchesler " "ADHESIVE COUNTERS." FOK SAI.E BY WM. ALLABY, L. GRUNER, JOHN BURG, W. REINHART&CO. DOTY k FEINER, A.D.SEYLER&SON AWW ARBOB.


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