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CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE I $29,000,000. Securlty held for the protectlon of the poliry holdere. CHRISTIAN MACK Representa the followintr flrst-cliiHS compuntes, of which one, tbe JBtna, has alono paid 5B,0(KI,UO0 tire lossen in Blzty-ñve yeara : Etna, of Hartford $ ,iy2,B44 Franklin of Philadelphia 3,118,713 Germania, N. Y 2,700,729 Germán American, N. Y 4,005,968 Lonüon Assurance, Ijomion... 1,416,788 Michigan P. & M., Detroit. . . 287,608 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y 2,59(5,676 National, Hartford 1,774,505 Phoenix, Brooklyn 3,759,036 I-osses liberally adjusted and promptly pald. Policies issued at the lowcflt rates ol premium, Uiltf HU B bil I IwCil V thij paper, 01 obtam cstimste! on advdrtising spaco whon in Chicago, will imd it on f lo ai 45 tO49 R.ndolph St., Mn A TUAEflRC' thaAdvitiungAjfuncyulLUltU 01 ÍtáiííiHÍÍfShoes Faníly _r farco's Tli f "Box Tip" School Shoes fö% ior Bys and Gir'sM ?j%o Heeled or Wedge Heel. Ë 'WAè Slzea-8tolOH wmsÊzg yVrti} ito3 1.75 jlpjj- jüí SVttu r,,. 200 JhV $2.50 Calf Shoe vla-iK fr Gentlemen, "- Cncqualed by any shot) i F ■ iiTrí r 'T " '" Amriica at tlio rhho ■ril jnur lf ' ]nCnKrei, HotK+r !ttlt ton inri I.uce. Ucn'uaiicl Boy'ssLzeá. ríH FARCO'S 1 $2.50 LADIES' BOOT Orto X. "0n90la or Goat, Button, : vc V Opera, or Common Sense. MCfliX Tackle uud Flexible. lC'Lipí&aÍ_ Warranted tho most Fj j'L!lS!!íasítul,.uLadie!aiidJUs8f DDR NAME 18 ON THE BOTTOM OF EVERY SHOE. Ak vour dpalerfor Furie., V Khoc If há rio ,„,t recelpt of pri.-e. St-nd postal f.,r d.s-rii,tiv, list prou O. H. FAB0O & CO., Chicagafill. DOTY & FEINER, AGENTS, - ANX ARBOR. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 Soul li Main St., Aun Arbor. The oldest ageney In the city. Establlshed ver aquarter of acentury ag. Kepresentlng he (oüowlng first-class oompanles, with ver 00,000,000 Capital and AweU. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., ef New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. UIRAUD INS. CO., Of Phlladelphl. KIKNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of LondOD. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MAKINE, of Boston. tutes Low SL& the Lo west, Losses Liberally Adjusted and promptly Paid. C. H. MILLEN.


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