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Real Estate Transfers

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John A. McMahon to Joseph McMahon, Manchester S 1 Sarah A. Thompson to J. D. & IC. KIrk, Ypsllanti 2,000 M. II. Barnard to Phebe A, Spencer, Ypsilanti 300 H. P. rover to P. A. Spencer, Ypsllanti 225 O. A. Alnsworth to J. O. & F. E. Baxter, Ypsllautl 500 Wm. Whltley to C. A A. Yost, Ypsllanti ... 1,300 W. H. Sweet to H. P. Glover, Ypsllanti 225 Albert F. Ball to Jacob A. Hauac, MUan 525 H. Hutzel to J. J. Werner, Ann Arbor, 300 Leroy L. Janes to Erania K. Klng, Arm Arbor 2,000 Leroy L. Janes to Emma R. Klng, Ann Arbor 3,500 Lawrence Curtía to Julia M. Cotant, Ann Arbor 1,808 Walter Hewltt to H. P. Glover. Ypsllantl l,00 B. Vetten to C. Urimleller, Bridgewater, 426 H. K. Wickbam to W. A. Blswell, Dexter 50 T., A. A. & N. M. R. R. to Sonth Lyon 4 N. R.R 40,000 E. Armbruster to O. Arrabruster, York, 2,760 Dan'l Htscock to E. Whltby, Aun Arbor 250 Ellen A. Hoy to J. Hoy, Webster 8U0 Maria Qlazler to 11. A. Qlazler, et al., Ann Arbor 1 T. J. Keecti to Lawrence Curtís, Ann Arbor 600 R. O. Watson to J. F. Eastwood, Ann Arbor 1 J. D. Baldwln to E. F. Ifctldwin, Ann Arbor.. 1 T. J. Keeoh to W. M. Hicks, Add Arbor 2,500