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Around The Boulevard

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Wrlttcn forTHE Courikr. Come stnill around the boulevard, ThÍK ludían aumiuer weather; Wlll soe the golden sunllght 'pard" Trunsferred to leaf and lieatber. Thus ycllow, parple, red and green, Are colora aututnn fetchiis, When she comes out to palnt the arana, 1 Imt over all tbe landscape atretclics. Tben "presto I" lts a wonderland, Wbere sllent beauty seemo to dwell, fadlng leaves a raaglc wand, More churmlng tban tbe aspbodel. Around the stiirdy mottled oak, Tbe blckory llaunts its flag ofyellow; lint good oíd urcus stands ibe Joke, He's always sucb a Jolly fellow. The wlllow and the elm tree, Alas ! tower o'er the lowly sedges; Whcre many a purple vine we ee. As in belweeo the green lt wedges, Entrauclng then tbe maple leails. Hs varlea hues tbrougb woodland hedges; Wbllat schuniach-myrtle seems to bleeu Around tbe llelds and 'long tbe ledges. Should yon glance Ín tbe canon decp, Down by tbe trenibllng popples, You'll si'i' tbe falry king asleep, Altbough he rolls alona tbe topples. - W. S. Charles Cramp, the famous shipbuilder, lias just socured a big contract from the suoretaiy of the navy, the birgest contract ever given out for this kind of work. UhM Cramp is the head of Vnillatn Cramp and Sons and has made hU liriu the f[reat,tt ship building establishment In this country. The Cramps oaruii before KohcIi and ïf they had locatcd on the banks of the Clyiie instead of on the Deleware, they would have built up a villape wbich would huve spread thcir own name and almost have asfured there feudal service from the three jienerations thnt have worked in their yiinls. The cruiscr 'Philadelphia," built iy the Cramps is one of the tine-t men-of-war in the world, and If the other shiis turn out just as well both the governcneut and Cramps may feel proud.


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