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A Proud Record

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The flrst (jlory of the republlcan record is that by the cliange of rules it made the lioufe of repiesentatives tobe representatives of tbe wlH of the majority of tlie people, nml notofthe obstructive policy üf a minority of coiifrressmen, niany tuernbers of vvhich minority werc elected by fraud, by force, and by murder. Haviog gained tbe power to lfgislate, it passed a tarlff bilí by whicíi ftbout $70,000,000 yearly are taken froiu tlie vliime of tBriffduties, by which duties are lesIened on all articles to vvliicli a long sea;in of protectlon lias given Btrengtb, by which the price of sufrnT wlll be reduced, by which new manufactures will he creited, b3' whieli weak ones will be streDgtbened, and b3r wbich ngriculture will be encouraed. It restores silver to its full use as money. It made jast and liberal provisión for the needs of wounded, agedi Blek or infirm soldiers of the Union. It admitted rich and populous tei ritories to tlie rank and rijrhts of' stattliood. It put our navy and coast defencea luto such a state of efficiency as tliey had not been in for a qnarter of a century. It passed a bilí for the suppresslon of trusts and monopolies. It prep:ired and passed throurh one brancli of the national leelslatare ft bill for the protection of the ballot u all the states and territories. It passed lawa probibltlng the employment of alien contract labor, making rirlit hours a full day's work in al! governnient oftices, prohibitin; the uae of convict labor on any governnient works or in any department of eovernment. It paased an anti-lottery bill. We submitthat no democratie confjn'PS ever did half so much useful work in doublé the period of nine months, and we 'illirin tliat veiy few congreáses have done so much.


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