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Dr. Robert Koch

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Di. R ibert, the grrat Grrman sciei.tit, wlio flrst discovered the "gcrni" tin orv, haa once more Btartled the world with ;i great diseo7ery. He has fotuul a hniph, which, wlien tjecled un)er Uie skin, kllls tle germ r bacillue produeing tubcrrolosis consumption. More than one H-venth of nll dcatlis c-in be Iraced to t li is feil diseasc, and sliould Koch really have found i remedy for this lie msy claim to hnvebeen thegreatest benefuctor man h:is Been thls ceotury. llis dlscovery even Jcnnor's discoveiy of VACclhatlon. Mre than 1,500 foreipn doctors lmve nrriveil fiomall palts in Berlín tostudy Eocb' met bod, and putients are arriviin; in thonsttnds to be put under li is tieitmenf. Knoh hun-elf is still a yotlDg man. He was boni in Germnt y, in the ílirtz motín taina In 18-13 and look lus physl!nn'e degree in 18GI!. Beprncticed In diffirent hospifals until 1872, when li" aett'ed in a .mail vTHhp, WnMsüii. ll'-rc he made lii.s ür.-t importanl discoveriep, bm owlng to the con■ervatlstn of Uie nuthorlties lie w:i unable l innke sny bendway. He tlien went to Bui lm, wliere ho brcame a member of the Imperia] Ilralth iioaid. This wis K"rh's chance. Bcreheproved tb at conaumplion, cholera and man; otber dis(jH.scs are trnceable to minute otgani-m bicilli. He was tht'ii sent to india, the crmlW' of clioleni W'here h!s inveatitrationg luliy Iiok out hU theory. Slnce tlien he has hfeii prosecutinj; bis rceirchcs. wi'h the cpleudid nsu'ts tliat lmve jcsi bren sbown.


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