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Broad Tyres For Wagons

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Broad-tired whcels for wagons are now being generally discussed tlirough the country. A one-inch tyre on a lienvily loaded wagon will do more datnage to a road tban 0110 with a heavier lotid and a three-incli tyre. A heavily loaded wagon with narrow tyres aoon ruins the road and cuts deep ruts. Beside the coutinual expense of repniring such dumages, the wear and tear on the horses and vehicles isgreat. Upon a suiootuly paved Street, of course. 11 narrow rimed wheel is all right. But take cobble-stone, or wood block, or an earth road, a wlde-tyred wheel can do more to preserve a road-bed and a plain, uuimproved throughfare than anythiiig else. A well-tyred wheel would pound down a good road instead oftearing ït up and wearing it full of ruts, and it would not be nearly so tiresome to the horses. In England the road tax is levied according to the width of the tire, varying froui a inerely nominal assessment for a wide tire to a heavy tax for a narrow one. It is a wonder that :enrasters have not carlier consldcred :his subject, one which must redound to tbeir profit as well as to thcir comfort.


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