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Two Thanksgiving Menus

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The following menu for a Tlnmksglvn; dinuer are prepared by such excellent authorities as Mrs. S. T. llorer and Miss auna Alexander Cameroti In the November LadlM' Home Journal. The menus are simple, and composed of dishes easiiy procureJ by all people : MENU: Oysters on the Half-shell. Clear Tomato Soup. Sal led Almonds. Olives. Celery. Timbule of Salmón. Sauce Hollandalse Potato Hails, wlth Parsley Sauce. TurUey. Crunberry Sauce. Bolled lUce. Peas. Sweet-p jtato Croquettes. Sweutbreiul Shnl. Cheebe [■'Invers. Pumpkin Pie. Minee Pie. Onnberry Tart Nuts. Ralsins. Fruit. Coffee. Wliere game can be proco red it ni ikes a nice coiirse to follow tlie tnikey, especialjy lf thev are separateil by a sherbct or punch. If the game be woodcook, serve with it macaron!; if it chunca to be duck, snur-grape jflly, and a potato ero quette are agreeable accoinpuntinents. The followlntr is also a most excellent menu which will insure a perfect dlnnei : RoastTurkey. Bolled Ham. Clilcken Pie. RoaHt Beef. Uabbage Pudding. Stewed Salslfy. Macaron!. Klce. Creamed l'otaloea. Sllced Sweet Potatoes. Cranberries Slewed. Celery. Plckles. Walnut Catchup. White Bread. Brown Bruad. Dksert: Ralsin Cake, leed. Minee Pie. Apple Pie. Pumpkin Pie. Squasti Puddlug. Urange Jelly. Oranges. Bananas. Kaislns. Nuts. Olives. s iited Almunds. Coffee. ''Cannot üñ'ord Insurance " Why, friend, it is the greatest luxury for its c st Ihiit any person can havt-, and its cost h within the reacli of all. A llttle Belf-denlnl lli soin sm '1 tlitni; w'll st-cur" an abiüing bapplness, from the tact Umi yon have made the future of your family comfortable without doubt.


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