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Mail in? MayLinn. Mehlin! From the American Mnslolao of sept. 7, 1S89. PAUL Gr. MEHLIN. HECHASIC, MASO MAKEK AXD INVEN'IOK. Paul O. Mehliu was bom in Stuttgart, Qerniany, February 28th, 1837. He was flrst apprentieed to a cabinet maker, with whom lie worked for several yeara. Here he acquired that experience wbich enabled him subsequently to make so niany improvements in the construction of piano-caseg. On leaving the cabinet-makers' shop, he went to Fredrick Doerner, the piano-maker in Stuttgart, from whom he learned his trade. Here he obtained not only a practica knowledge of piano making, but a scientiflc knowledge as well, wblob was the incentive to those deeper studies anc experimenta wbioh lie carried on later, and whieh have euabled him to benefit every flrm he has ever been connected with, by bis radical but successful efforts to improve the piano in both construction and tone. He came tb this country in 18ó3, and at once found work with the old tirin of Bacon & Ilaveu, with whom he re mained for seven yeara. It was during that period that Mr. John Jacob Decker now head of the great house of Decker Bros., was forenian. After leaving Bacon & Raven, Mr. Meblln worked in (lio factory of Lighte, Newton & Bradbury, another renownec house at that time. Wlien the war broke out he made one of the "Turner Regiment," the old Twentieth New York. He went as chief bugler and came back in two years as second lieutenant. In 1865 he worked again for some of his old ernployers, after which he became conuected with the house of Gabler, with which he remained for slxteen years. It was wliilb with the Gablers that he commenced the remarkable series of improvements and inveiitions wblob havesince made lus naniefamous in trade and musical circles. His first patent of importance, the agraffe cast in the plate, was taken out in 1872. Ou leaving the Gabler firm he went to Messrs. J. & C. Fischer, but two years later returned to the Gablersat their earnest solicitation. Soon afterward, however, the big strike oeeurred at tlie Gabler factory. As there seemed nu prospect of its immediate settlement Mr. Mehlin became aaaoolated with MESSRS. BEHR BROS. as fcll partner in 1881. With the Messrs. Behr he remained for eight yeara, and retired on the first of last January, in order to start in business for himself. It is, therefore, for a period of over thirty-fi ve years that Mr. Mehlin waseonnected with some of the most proml nent liouses in the piano trade, and it is his pride that lic earned the respect aud good will of each and every one of these firms. Tlie list of Mr. Mehlln'e principal patented improyementd, in the order in which they were isaued, is as tollows : LIST OF I'ATKNTS. July 23, 1872. Patent Metallic Agrade, cast in the plate. May 1, 1877. Patent Metallic Actiou Frame cast in one piece. January 17, 1882. Patent Beraemer Slee! Act on Frame. February 28, 1882. Patent Endwood Striug brii1e. Oetober !), 1888. 'Patent Cyllnder Top. March 18, 1KSI. Patent Finger Guard. January 27, 1885. Patent Harmonie Seale. April 27, 1886. Patent Grand Plate. November:!!), 1886. Patent Piano Muffler. February 1, 1SS7. Pateut Touch Regulator. February ö, 1889. Patent Cyliader Top and Tone Reflector. February 5. 1889. Patent Grand Fall Board. May 21, 1889. Patent Grand Plate (also used in the Uprlgbt Grand. In 1886 the jury at the New Orleans World's Exhlbltlon awarded to Mr. Mehlin's patented improveinents a gold medal. In their report they stated that tbey made the award : For the quallty oftone, which Is remnrkably nne. by its power and brilliumy, the BlDglDg lunlllles of the Instrument, we ï-mcli- evon thr.mtih at- the construotlon, exoallenoe of deslgo. anU perfeotion of worfcmanatalp. The quality of tone Isdue to Mr. Mehlln ■ new Inven tion. In hisown factory Mr. Mehlin bas immediately taken hispositiou among the strictly flret-olass makers by producing Instrumenta only of the very blghest grade. In his work Mr. Mehlin haa the active ambiance of his two sons, the eider of whom, Paul Mehlin, Jr., bas already sliown marked business ability. ! The Faetones and Facilities for the Manufacture of the MBHLIN_PIANOS Krom the Muslc Trude Review, May 20, 1889. PAUL G, MEHLIN & SONS. Messrs. Paul O. Meiilin & Sons, have commenced business in their owu factory, at 4G1 to 4G7 West 40th St. Thel machines are of the very latest and mos lm pro ved patterne and have been fur nished by Mr. Prylbll, the famous make of machinery for wood work, who ha expended liis best eiForts on hem. N other piano maker will be able to boas of flner machinery than Messra. Mehlii & Sons. Tlie factory is six atories higl and its rooms are lofty, airy and wel lighted. The brick-built dry rooms ar of three inch fire proof material. Thei factory is equipped with every known applianoe and oonvenienoe and with men of such practical knowledge and experience it isnotsurprising thattheMEHLIN PIANOS are, as soon as completed, sold to admiriog and enthusiastic purchasers. The reputation rapidly gaiued by the Mehlin Pianos had become of such a character as to attract the favorable attention of business men and capitalists of the great Northwest, whoshowed their opinión of it by receutly organizing a Btook company for its manufacture in Minneapolis, in connectiou with the parent factory in New York. Asisalready known, the Century Piano Company was formeel, and is at present ready, or nearly o, for business. The capital stock was placed at $óoo,ooo, and amongthe offleers eleoted was Paul H. Mehlin, who was se leoted for the vlce presldency, and Paul G. Mt'hlin, Oen'l Supt. - The American Musioian, Aug.30, 1890. I lftv - . v;Cvv ' "J " - The Mehlin is the piano to buy. Built by an old experienccd piano maker, with every facility and capital with which to make a perfect piano, you get an instrument exceÜed by none, and pay nothing extra for the name, A liill stock of all Mtyles at our store where every ex planatiön will begiven to tntending pu robasjre. Our own reUability is welt known, The "Mehlin" is guaranteed by the makers for six yeais. ('ome in and eximiiic them. General Wholesale and Retall Agts., The Mehlin Piano. SOXE OPIXIOXS OF THOSE WHO KN'OW WBAT PIANOS ARE: The chief poitits of excellence in the Mehlln Pianos are quality and volume of tone, extraordinary singing qaality, delicacy of touch, excellence of design, durabllity and capacity for standing in tune. Among the patenta issued to the Mehlin company are the patent grand plate and saaie, the ouly scale put in an uprlght piano like the baby grand; patent grand full board, including the patent finger guard, cylinder top and tone reflector, piano muffler, endwood spring bridge, touch regulator and Bessemer stee! actlon frame. This company manufacture grand planos whlch, for volume and purity of tone, are unexoelled. Thoee who have heard the Mehlin instrument at the Expositlon building will recognize and concede the absolute justice of this claim. The Mehlin grands are made in six different styles and of all kinds of wood. In Illustration of the popularity of the Mehlin pianos it has been slnglng its oun praises to such an extent that the demand for tliem has been imich larger than the supply.- Musical Cour ir, Orl. ,-t, At the Minneapolis Exposition, the Mehlin piano has ereated a sensation, and one of the most recent tributes to this instrument is from the members of the lleeves band, in the building, who state that " they never heard a piano with such carrying power as the Mehlin Buby (rand, and say there is noother instrument in the ExpOBltlon that can equal it." The Mehlin exhibit is at the opposite end of the building from the band stand, bat the mwüciana state the tones of the Mehlin piano are o distinct and clear, " that it seems as if the instrument was close to the stand." In the East, the Mehlin piano is also receiving a large share of attention. At the New London County Fair, the Mehlin piano, exbibited by Yerrington's Teinile of Muslo, reóeived the highüst award. - Musio and Drama, Stpt. 13, Í890. In the crpcricnce, intelliffcnce and abüUy of General Superintendent Mehlin, not lesa than in tin: vast finandat resources of the company, lies the eerttin,' that suooess of the most brilliant and solid order awaits this tri mendous enter}ri.-. Mr. Mehlin fias for well-nigh two-scoreyears practised the art and seience of piano building, HU pat nted Improvemenis in piano construction form liu and glorious roll of inventions. When the flrm of Mehlin L Som n-uxjirsi onanized in New York city, Tuk MUSIC Thadk Review predieted that the new Mehlin piano would toon makt ii mr in the world. IAltlc more than twelv montha Imrr. clapsed fiin'i we ventured ttpon such prediciion, nní toda; (nat maffnificent instrument taken a front po&ition in marefi of musical industries and a highplact in ttffection if oultured and intellect nal pianista. And it (oes without the eajing that the genius whioh has html' it if so ■:' :ii a factor in the musical life in East mus n, rihii ackieve qual triumph in the. ik ti Northwesti ra field.- tjusic Trade Review. One of the most attractive exhibits is that of the fnniDus " MebÜD " p'ano. Tbis piano ia coming to liic frout, it bavlng been ndjudged by oritioa to be the Ineet Instrument iu the world. It has the Iraproved repeatng actlon, and its manner of opening is precisely like tbal of a grand piano. It has the Improved "niuiUer" for practlcing, so that the tone muy be goftened almos) to a inclodiouH uiiispcr. The muffler also naves uuur and tear. The piano has a eylluder top; by lueans of a tone reflector the melody is relracted- so to speak- into the room, so it is not necessary to remove all tne houuehold articlea tbal are apt togatheron a piano top. The maker of it is Paul 3. Meblin, one of the oldest and beet known piano reguators, and who has made more improvements t'r planos than any other artist or inventor. The instrument is manufactured by Centiuy Plano Company, of New York and Minneapolis, Minn., havlng a oash capital of Bvery vlsitor In Ihe hall stops to examine and is charmed with its merite. - Norwioh Évening Record, " Those flne Mehlin planos exbibited at tlie fair, and so unlversally admired, recelved the hlghest awards by hejudges.- Noruich Jhiily Bulletin, Mr. MehUn, Sr., ia regarded in the musical world as one of the leadlng and most progressive and ablest piano naken of modern times. He has made a llfestudy of the ilano raaoufacturlng business, is thoroughly versed In the clentlflo principies of plano oonstruction, and aa a resul ( lie Mehllci piano 'm 6ne i' tbe flnest and beet Insl ruments ver placed oo tlie market. There is ixt the least doubt lint wltb the opportunltlea afibrded hlna bere and the arge Interesta back of the concern, be wlll Boon make nrther developemenui in piano oonstruetlon.- Mkuio and Drama.


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