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LTJMBEBJ LTTMBER! ZaTTMBSB.1 I you contémplate building, cali t FERDON Luier Yari! Corner Fourth and Depot Sts., ana get our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumber and guaran tee VERY LOW PRICES O-Give us a cali and we will makt it to your ntercst, uour largc and wcll graded slock t til ly ustains our asscrtiou. Telephone Connections with Office. T. J. KEECII, Snpt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop. F&rgtfs Shoes raknVly 41 FARCO'S T "Box Tip" School Shoes l'Sfë.Vv for Boys and Girls. # 5. "v Heeled or Wedje Heel. A tSvTV&V Slzes-StolOH l.5 f ÜJTÍÍdFY Uto 13J4 1-50 FARCO'S illV $2-50 Calf Shoe jlMvL for Gentlemen, I CAl55" 7 Unequaled by any hoo It!!?' rièrrii""7"b 'n America al the iino ÏÜ I III "Iflr fj I ' I" -nrr, ui HU3 Tiía' ton and Lace. Meii'öiiim Boy's sizeti. -tn FARGO'S M $2.50 LADIES' BOOT f %& . Oongola or Goat. Button, TjKSo w Opera, or Common Senje. McínSíN Tackles and Flexible, f 2ÖUIÏi8Ès. ■VVnrrantcd the mout luÉki"ltRnOT'IsnoK mili ut ♦a.5 r'HyDgJ(PrMadeinLadleBondMlsi OUR NAME 18 ON THE BOTTOM OF EVERY SHCE. Ak your dealer fop Targom Khoe. If he doee not kam thfin Bendtoiisnnd wo will fui-nish you ft iaU-ou ix'ctjit of prit-p. 8t-ml postal for icscriptlve list. C. H. FARGO & CO., Chicago, IU. DOTY & FEINER, AGENT8, - ANN ARROR. Honest Work SSao!d?b? earneüt men and women. We furiilsh the capital I If yon mean business, drop ua a card and get some facts tlmt wlll open your eyes! A legitímate line of goods, and honesi men wanted to Introduce tliem In town and country. Ion't Walt! Address at once, P. O. Box 619, Clnclnnall, O. inil CDTIOCDC O'Oihers.whowiih toeam!n HU I Eli I lOCnO tli paper, or obtain eitimatet on edvcrtising tpace when n Chicago, will fmd it on tilo at 45 10 49 Rndolph St, Ani) O TUilllAC iheAdnrtitingAgencyof LUnU Ci IliUultlv Wils -hl -Estáis! FOB SALE. Thefollowlng property belon-jlng to I.yman D. Juiiu..: Tlie Frank Uu HüllSP. The ''Monitor" property. Six Lots on the corner of Fourlli an;l Washington sis. House and Lot on Liberi j st. APPI.T TO EU GENE E. BE AL, AOENT. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE ! $29,000,000. Secnrlty held for tho protectlon of the policy ! holdere. 1 CHRISTIAN MACK Koprceont the followlng flrst-class coiupnnies. uf which one, the JKtim, hs alone pairt $5i,(iuO,O{K)ttre loeseï lu slxty-five years : Etna, of Hartford f 9,192,044 Franklin of Philadelpliia 3,118,713 Qermania, N. Y 2,700,729 Germán American, N. Y 4,065,968 London Assurance, London.. . 1,416,788 Michigan F. & M., Detroit. . . 287,608 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y 2,596,676 National, Hartford 1,774,505 Phoenix, Brooklyn 3,759,036 Losses liberally adjusted and promptly pald. Policies at the loweet rates of premium. U91tf HANGSTERFER'S French Mand-Made Bon Bons 25 Gents a Box. Put up in one-pound Fancy Boxes. tSold elsewhere at 40 and 50. Candies made every day. 28 S. Main St. TfiüGS ilDSHE ! Now we are reaily wlth a new Brlelc StortIhiihi' for the sl-orage of Iluusehold Cïootis, Plano'8 Books, Stoves, etc. HOUSEHOLD -:- GOODS AU kinds of heavy and light Draying. ZFIRZEIO-IHIT WORK C. E. GODFREY, Phoue82. Bes. andOffloe 46 N. Fourth Ave.


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