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J. A. Mcgill, M. D., & Co.

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ARAÏTGE BLOSSOM! LJ A 1'oslilVK Cl'RE FOR w AZiZi FEMALE DISEASES. RIU!f flf T LI C CYMPTflUK ' A tired, languld feeling, low ppirited ar.d despondent, with no apparent OUIIIL ur 1 nc Ol mr lUIIIO ■ cause. Headache, palns in the back, pains across the lowcr part of howel. Grcut Eorcneys in reglón of ovarle, Bladder difflculty, Frequent urlnatiuns, Leucorrboea, Conatipitlon of bowcj'f, and with all thcee Hymptomö a terrible nervuus feelinR is oxperienceé by the patiënt. THE OltA'4K KI,OS!Ü 'I TKKATJIRNT removes all theau by a thorongh procees of ahüorplim. [ntcrn&l rcnu-dies will ucver remove tVmale weakness. Ihere must be remedies applled right to thu part, snd tlu n Ihere is uermnnent relief obtalned. EVEKYLM)Y CAN TREAT HERSELF. O. I?. Pile Remedy. $1.00 for one month's treatment. I O. B. Storaacli Powüers. O. B. ('ularrh Cure. - pkefakid by- [ O. B. Kldney Coues. 4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHICAGO, ILL FOR 8 ALS B T J. J. Gooilyenr, John Moore, Eberbach i Sous, H.J. Iirowu, DruggUts, Aun Arbor Mloh.


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