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The annual report of the Washtenaw iutual Insurance Company shows that 39 new members have been taken in during the year, and 84 canceled, leavthe present membership at 2,419. The capital stock added during the year amounts to $227,766 ; and the re hu been canceled dinrrng the year $134,805; and there is now in force $4,754,400. This company has paid during the year 42 losses, $10,410.14. During the year the company has received ou asBessment $11,699.23. This makes an excellent showing for the company though the losses have "■fu somewhat heavy, especially by lightning. Secretary Childs has everything prepared for the annual meeting to be held next Wednesday, Jan. 14. -., i nI ot and a fair aiul we can earrj Pennaylvania, Massachusetts aud Ohm every year.-Adrian Presa. Then, in the name of all thafs great and good and izlorious, why are you kicking about a Federal eleetion law ? a law that 'provides for the same safe?uards in Pennsylvania, rassachusetts, Ohio, and all northern states. that thpv must have in Missiaaippi, Georgia, the Carolinas and every southern state? That law serves them all alike. It shows no favoritism. It provides for a free ballot and a fair count for every state in the Union. No, the Press doesn't want that. It wants the same brutal policy pursued in the south as is pursued thete to-day. It wants all republicans down there kept from the polls by shotgunsand buü-dozing tactics.


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