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The Spotted Negro

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In the early part of the present century, some authorities say 1808, Georee Alexander Gratton, the famous spotted negro, was born on the island of St. Vincent, both of his parents being coalblaok natives of África. Even among the half-civüized inhabitants of St. Vincent Gratton was such a curiosity that they readily pa:d SI each for the privilege of seeing what was then termed "the eighth wonder of the world." The sunerstitioua Dreiudices of the mongL-el negro population placed the freak in such danser of being saoriflced that it was deemed advisable to ship h m to England, Tho child was about n montbs oíd when he landed wlth his parents in BristoL In color his skin was everywhere parti-eolorod, transparent white and brownish black. On the crown of his head there wero several perfect white triangles with black ones of equally perfect contour within thein, which were formed by the odd alterations in the color of the hair, or wool. On his back, almost directly between the shoulders, there was an almost perfect circle with a square of black upon the inside, which in turn had a white trianglo in its center. On one leg there was a circie similar to that on the back, all the other spots, except the numerous triangles on the head neck and face, havirig no uniformity whatever, being great blotches of white on the black surface with no seeming regard for place or situation. When nearly five years old this remarkable specimen of the genus homo died of a swelling of the jaw, which, curious to say, eliminated nearly every spot from the head, neele and face. - St. Louis Republic. - A Biddeíord, lie., man offered to pay his barber twenty cents if the barber would shave him in less than a minute, provided the barber would doit for nothing if the operation consuired more than that timo. The job was ione in fifty-four seconds. The victim piid ino barber the tvveüty ceats.


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