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- Tho number of different lanffaages spoken in Europe is 587. - Miss Louise Lawson, of New York, has been seleoted to mako the statue of the late S. S. Cox. - Charles G bson, of St Louis, upon whorn Emperor Williara bestowed the Order of the Crown, has pone to lierlin to express in person his appreciation of the honor. - A bird fancier of Washington, who has twenty parrots, says that the Mexican double-heads are the best talkers, while the Afr;can gnys make the best mimics and whistlers. - The new hotels in New York are criticised lor their gaudy coloring and slipshod gilding. There is sa:d to be a rage for zew-gaws, scroüs. cupids, dolphins, bats, storks and an army of uncanny and unnamable things. all done up in piaster and smeared with the colors of the rainbow. - Jacob Sharp is said to have taken a fancy to Lovejoy, the porter of the Pifth Avenue Hotel, and helped him to buy street-railway stock when it was very cheap, and the rise in the value of the stock has made Lovejoy a rich man. The old head-porter of the Grand Pacific Hotel, Chicago, is said to be worth two hundred and flfty thousand dollars, made in most part from points given him by prominent business men. - A man professionally "funny" in print is often a cause of purplexity to hia family from h 6 habit of pickingup "unconsidered trifles" and them into a marketable web. One suca person, whose notebook is never at hand, was heard repeating to himself the chance remark of a clever child. "Well," said his wife, "what can you make out of that?" "Oh." was the literal reply, "aboutSa"- Christian Un on. - A Washington paper remarks: "Allen Weir, the former editor of the Port Townsend Argus, is a cort of Muldoon in the new State of WashngHe is Secretary of State, missioner, member of the State land commssion, member of commission to select indemnity school lands. member of the commission to select a s.te for a normal school, sealer of weights and measures, member of the State board of equalization of the value of t de lands, ïas to audit the State printing bilL, has supervisión over the capítol building grounds and is required to furnish supplies to the State offlcers and library." - A vegetarían of New York has become a flesh eater since he discovered a scientific law that he had not previousy been aware of. He changed his mind upon the diet question, and got convinced that meats were arnong the roper edibles for mankind after he had een assured by a professor of chemistry hat beef, mutton and nork were ly "transformed grass, vegetables and rrain." After pondering upon this in;eresting law of chemical transformaion he carne to the conclusión that pgetarianism is a doctrine of narrow cope, and he adopted a new dietetic Klicy, under which he now enjoya ienderloin steaks, lamp chops and fried bacon, not to speak of stewed kidneys, igs' feet and tte de veau. - Who is tbere in this great metropolis that isn't acquainted with some one named Smith? asks the New York Times. And yet there are not so many of them as is generally believed. I{ one were asked to guess the number of Smiths in the city it would be quite natural to place the figure as high as 10,000. To be sure, the new directory devotes thirty-Bve columns to the distinguished family, but there is only 2,824 of them. Of these 113 are plain John Smiths and 122 are John-with-aninitial Smiths. The Browns number 1,639, and there are eignty Brownes. This is a decrease of seven compared with last year, when there were eightyseven. The decrease may be taken as an indication that the flnal e is going out of fashion.


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