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The following article is taken from the last issue of The Michigan School Moderator : How shall the rapid growth of our State University be provided for? To what size may such an institution grow and still do good work? These are questions that may well demand the careful attention of the authorities. Governor Luce in bis message calis attention to the rapid growth and the wonperful possibilities of the great school, and suggests that the rapidity of growth may be checked by increasing the fees to impils coming from other statcs. The iviouerator lias reeeived a wntten pamphlet, the author of which takes the ground that the University should leave to the denominational colleges all secondary literary work and confine its tudies in the literary department to real university studies. Eitlier of these plans vronld limit the nuniber of studente. The latter plan would no doubt tend to raise the Standard of the school, but would at the same time make a serious break iu our school systeia by taking the college work from 'the bands of the state. It is is doubtful if the time has come for so advanced a step. At all events let nothing be done to injure the crowningglory of our state, and let us enjoy for a few years anyway the satisfaction of liavini; the largest and one of the best universities in America. Dr. Joseph Clark, superintendent of the hospitals has been chairman of the finance committee of the Grand Chapter R. A. M., of this state for sixteen consecutive years, and was recently reappointed for another year. He found the grand chapter in debt when he took the helm, and now it has $7,000 on hand. A proud record.


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