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Allmendinger Piano & Organ Co.

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WHAT WILL YOÜ GIVE. A suggestion at this time may not come amiss. A fue leather music roll-Neat, serviceable, durable. A bound Collection of the latest Vocal and Instrumental Music. We have some excellent collections. A book of Musical Biography. Short Beadoble sketches of our Great Composers, ofwhom many know too little. A Music Hack. A Violin or Guitar Case. A Violm OutM. Price $5.00 to $50.00. An American Guitar. Our Own "TT. ofM." and (Arbor City" Guitars, fully Warranted. A Banjo Fairbanks & Co 's. Superior Banjos are beautiful in ñnish and tone. An Accordeon. An excellent Assortment. A Mandolín. AFlute. A Harmonica. Anything which is, at the same time, pleasmg, mstructive and lastmg. A GOOD INVESTMENT. A MEHLIN PIANO 1S a 1S ime sure t ma glad the heart. Theyaze of beautiful tone, superior workmanship, and undoubted duribility. Being General Wholesale Agents our pnces are low. The Wegman Piano is the ñnest piano oí medium grade ever coming to our notice. PRICES TO PLEASE THE POCKETBOOK Bemember-If you wish to buy now and pay later it is wholly satis factory. TEEMS MADE TO YOUR S ATISFACTION Our Guoranfee is Unlimited. Factory Salesrooms : First and Washington Sts. 38 South Main Street.


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