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Real Estate Transfers

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Cynthia Case et al to Chas. F. Long, Ypsilanti $2,000 Johu Maulbeck to Martin Koch.Lima 770 C. H. Millen to Elizabeth Swathel, Aun Arbor i H. S. Dean et al to Sedgwlck Dean, York. 1 D. W. Hitchcock to L.A. Wllcox, York.... 1,600 Peter ülbney to Jennie and Kate Herey, Northfield, 300 Washington Beeman to Orsou Beeman, Lyndon, 4)000 Sarah Suggitt by heirs to Albert Smith, Ypsilanti 1,210 John Dresslehouse to F. C. Dresslehouse et al, Freedom 6,000 Dresslehouse Uphouse to Johu Dresslehouse, Freedom and Sharon 5,400 Wm. Bowers to F. W, Smith, Sitaron 300 R. Kempf to F, W. Smith, Sharou 3,000 F. N.Rice toH.D. Wells, Ypsilanti 1,000 F. S. Rice to F. N. Hice, " 500 Sophia Xordman by heirs, to A. A. Xordman, Pittsfield 1.500 Sophia Nordman by heirs to G. and A. II. Durrow, Anu Arbor 1,500 A. M. Durrow et al to Sophia Nordman, Ann Arbor 1 S. Nordman to W. E. Nordman, Pittsfleld. 1,760 A. M. Dnrrow to S. Nordman, Pittsfleld... 1,750 S. Nordm&net al to B. Nordman, " ...1,750 " " Louisa " " ... 1.750 E. T. Redner to Mnry Bibb, Ypsilanti 100 Thos. J. Farrell to O. L. Torrey, Sharon,.. 450 Antón Uphouse to I,. Ciieskee, filiaron... C. H. Wallace to Kanouse & Clark, Saline 50 John H. Cowan to Mnry E. Cowun, Aun Arbor ' 1.700 Martin Kearn to Geo. Visel, Aun Arbor. .. 500 R. C. Dolson to J. V. Cady, Ypsllanti ;ao Omar L. Warner to Emily H. Warner, York 1 S. C. Chandler to J. T. Jacobs, Pittsfleld.. 4,500 Bott & Norgüte to W. J. Howlett, Lyndon 250 ■:. P. Allen to John E. Bibb, ïpsilanti .... 0 O. B. Hall to O. L. and L. Robinson, Aiki Arbor 1,000