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Tbere was a full attendance at the couneü Monday evening, and the meeting was quite an interesting one. The reports of the various committees were received, that of the finance committee showing au expenditure of $3,901. The city marshal reported eight arresta during the month. The expenditure for the poor fund for the month was as follows : Ist ward $ 8.66 jiid ward 15.56 3d ward 17.24 4th ward 5900 Bthward : .. 32.52 6th ward 8.37 The city treasurer reported the following balances : Contingent fund overdrawn $6,531 15 Street 7,076.11 Firemen's " " 1,19188 Pólice " - 784.12 Water ' ■ 1.440.2 Delinquent tnz " 337.71 Poor fund on hand 36.85 Opening División street, on hand 375 80 Cemetery fund. on hand 139.66 Dog tax on hand 100.00 The certifícate of the treasurer shows that there is on hand $33,543.13. The amounts liad not been credited up when the above report was made. A very interesting report was that of the Board of Public Works, showing their expenditures for the year. The following is a suminary of expenditures in the various wards : " lst ward f 461.83 2nd ward 634.84 M wnrd 484.61 4th ward 1,050.79 öth ward 311.95 ith ward 408.04 Miscellaneous 1,612.70 Part 43.72 Surveying 694.19 The following shows the expenditures tor special work done : Fountain 6treet (sidewalk) ( 66.64 First street extensión 164.52 Seventh street culvert 462.00 Seventh street 267.22 8. University ave. coping nnd grading. . 319.93 N. Fourtriave 82 00 N.Fifthave 560.47 Washtenaw ave 84.39 S. Fourtu ave 186.83 West Huron etreet 265.45 In making these improvements there was reeeived for stone and dirt $155.50. On motion of Aid. Mann a resolution was passed authorizing the Board of Fire Cominissioners and the Fire Comnittee to purchase a suitable hook and ladder truck and one horse for the fire department. The city clerk was authorized to draw i warrant in favor of the treasurer of the University for $4,000, and the city treasurer was authorized to turn over the $21 ,000 city bonds for hospital purposes to the university authorities at par. The question of amending the city charter was then taken up, and a lively discnssion followed on Aid. Walker'a resolution to abolish the Board of Public Works. Aid. Walker snoke earnestly in favor oí the amendment, and said the articles published in the city papers should have no eilect on the council, as they must expect eriticism if they dld their duty. He had nothing against the gentlemen composing the board, he thought highly of them, but the principie was wrong. They were too far removed from the people. Aid. IIoi-z believed that the board should be retained. He feit sure that its work was wel] and tairly done. As ui alderman he did not desire to go back to the old methods. Alderman Dieterle also favored retaining the board, believing that plan preferuble to the old one, and did not desire to see any change. Aid. Miller thought that if there was any iault to rind it should be found with the couneil itself, not with the board of public works, over whom the couneil had complete control. He did not favor the proposition to change the charter in this respect. Aid. A. F, Martin thought the same. Finally Aid. Mann moved that the resolution be laid apon the table and it was earried by a vote of 7 toó as follows : Ayes - Aid. Dieterle, Mann, Herz, Snow, Miller, A. F. Martin and President Howlett. Nays - Aid. Walker, O. Martin, O'Mara, Spafford, Taylor. After this several amgadmente, extending the limits, authoriipg the building it' sewers, sidewalka, etO., and making provisiona i'or special or general assessments to pay for the same. Aid. Walker made another rustle in the ranks by offering a resolution making the oflices of city treasurer and street commissioner elective offices. Afier mach discussion tliis was defeated. A resolution appropriating $100 to be given to E. B. Norris for assisting the city attorney in compiling the city ordinances was laid uiion the table. Judge Newton, of Flint is willing, Judge Champlain's friends may have something to say about it, however. And now it is asserted that the Dem-ocrats have even appropriated tlie famous g. o. p. to themselves and appec' before the public as the "great obstruction party." The Argus thinks "there is no very great harmony in the republican couneils at Washington. There is plenty of harmony on one question ainong the demócrata at Lansing. all want something.


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