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The Soph. caues are furnished by Moore & Taber. The Glee Club will weur the Oxford cap and gown in their concerts. AVesleyan University has had $100,000 added to its library fund recently. At Vastas college poor student girls are annually aided to the extent of $",- 000. The University Chess Club is a new organization that has considerable wheat in it. Base ball enthusiasts are encouraged over the prospects for a fine team this season. If the gyin fund could be made $80,000 instead oí $40,000 it would be the right figure. The new Oracle has been placed on sale and it is expeeted that the publication will sell rapidly. The gymnasium futid is being augmented every day. New subscribers are constantly being obtained. The date for the Glee Club's concert at Chicago has been changed from April 22 to April 11, in Central Music Hall. Dr. Gibbes has gone to Albany, N. Y., tp read a paper before the N. Y. State medical society, upon "consumption." The prevailing sentiment seerns to be that the gymnasium building ought to be on the athletic association grounds. Why should it not be there ? Dr. Angelí delivered an address before the Commercial Club, Chicago, last Saturday evening, returning home Monday. A change from a course of four to one of three years has been proposed at Harvard and 34 of the faculty favor it while 38 oppose. There were about 1,200 people present at University hall last Friday evening to listen to Dr. Winchell's third lecture on Evolution. The Glee Club's concert at East Saginaw, March 7th, will be taken in charge by the junior class of the high school, and they are already hustling. A scheme has been proposed to unite the U. of M. Daily and the ChronicleArgonaut. Whether it will work or not is not known at present. P. S. - It won't. Preparations are being made by the Students' Christian Association for the Bible Institute to be conducted during the latter part of February by Prof. W. R. Harper. The annual entertainment of the Detroit Hieh School Alumni in Detroit last Friday evening was a great success. The receipts go to form a scholarship fund in the University. Prof. Scott has written three new songs for the glee club, one of theni especially for "Stubby" Walter. His smile when singing it is well worth the price of admission. - Chronicle-Argonaut. Prof. Stanley will devote Saturday mornings from 9 to 10 o'clock to the students who desire to engage in singing college songs. The enthusiasm in this line is considerable, but ought to be even greater than it is. Dr. Vaughan, having received some of the consumption lymph from Dr. Koch of Berlin, two patients have been innoculated. One of them is doing well under the treatment, the othernot so well. Prof. Alfred Hennequin, Ph. D., late member of the faculty of the University of Michigan, will address the Goethe Society of New York at the Hotel Brunswick, on next Monday evening at 8:30 o'clock; subject, "The Drama of the Future." - N. Y. Mail and Express, Jan. 28. The Alpha Xu Literary Society electod the following officers, Uit Baturday evening, íor the reinainder of the year : President - Chas. E. filkin. Vice President - Mise USclunu. Secretary - A lux. Cunimiug. Trcasurer- W. II. Merner. Librarían - E. E. Stewart. Crltlc- Misa Lella Brouillette. ■Senior Sibyl Editor- S. (i. Junks. Juuior Sibyl Editor- Miss Dale Livingstone. The Oracle U. of M. '93, is now on sale, and is one of the taking pnblications of the students, being the oracle of the Sophomore clasa. ín general appearance it is fine looking, and the contents are not inferior to any of its predecessora, wliile the illustrations and general liveliness are superior. The cover is especially artistic and some. lhe board have reason to congratúlate themselves upon the result oí their labors. The work is in keeping with the wide awake reputation of the present Sophomore class, and will he iu dernand. There was a rousing meeting of the U. of M. republican club in the quiz quiz room of the law department Saturday evening. The room was well filled and some enthusiastic speeches were made by different members of the club. A committee of ten was appointed, with Mr. Belinont Waples aschainnan, to secure a speaker to come here in the near future. A letter from the Detroit Republican club was read in viting the IJ. of M. club to attend the annual banquet at Detroit, Feb. 20. The club is in good condition and lias plenty of enthusiasm to start in the approaching campaign. - Times. The Tribune of last Friday had the following in its legislative correspondence: "Chairman Doran of the senate committee on University says that the committee will probably report in favor of the University appropriation bill, fixing the amount for the next two years at about $200,000. The committee does not look with favor upon the idea of action simultaneously upon the proposition to increase the State University tax from one-twentieth of a mili to one-eighth. That is considered quite a serious proposition, as it means an increase in University revenues of about $60,000 a year. The matter may be given attention in a special bill, but there doesn't seemto be very much ardor out here in favor of it."


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