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Changed Her Mind

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Dear Belle: I went to church, last niírht, And saw your friend. Why, he's a frightt At least I think so. What is there, pray, A bout bis looks that inade you say That I'd admire him? Goodness me! He's homely. Belle, as he can be, Monstrous mouth, retreating forehead. And goggle eyes. I think he's horrid. I've seen that Mr. Knox again- Toar friend, I mean, that homely man Of whom I wrote - and I declare I must admit he has an air About hiiu that one must admire. But, Belle, I think I soon shall tire Oí his rude mannen. Wby, the man Stared lili I had to use my (an ! I went last night to the soiree, And who, think you, ehanced there to be? Why, Charley Knox! We staid till four. t danced witb bim sil times, or more. And he asked me- don't you tell- To go with him next time. Now, Belle, Vm not in love. You'll laugh, I know, But still I say he's not my beau. Oh, Belle! Oh, Belle! what do you think Happened! I can't sleep a wink Untü Tve told my dearest friend- Oh, Belle, my maidenhood is at an end. That Charley Kuoi: Oh, dear, Oh, my! I dont know whether to laugh or cry- I never yet did feel so queer- Just Uiluk ! I'm engafred, my dear.


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