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Wolcott As A Michigander

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Senator Wolcott, of Colorado, who recently sold out kis party tliat certaiu individĂșala might profit out of silver bullion and silver mines and silver speculation, was once a resident of this state. Some seventeen or eighteen years ago he was clerk in the store of AVrm. L. Smith & Co., at Flint, where he served some two years. Any one wlio ever lived at Flint knows the flrm, and they also know Wm. L's brother, Eli, who figures ia this tale of woe. One evening as they were about lighting up the store young Wolcott took upon himself the contract of starting a large lamp there was in the store. Alter striking a match in the usual fashion, he reached for the lamp, but had no sooner touched the concern than down carne the chimney upon the floor, smashed to atoms. "Who broke that chimney?" came the voice of Kli from a distant pari i the store. A rival who was jealous of Wolcott's brightness and 8UCC88B was quick to answer, "Ed. Wolcott." "Chargo it up to him," came the voice of Eli again, this time directed at the book-keeper. "All right, sir," replied the embryo silver senator, "yon can do so," and stepping up to the cashier's desk demanded the salary due him then and there, loss the price of the chimney. This he took and walkedoutof the store. "liever mind," said lili, "he will be around for a job again in the morning." But evidently Eli didn't know lus man, for he not only did not come around again, but all the persuasive powers of Win. L. himself - and he is a smooth talker - could not induce him to enter foot again in that store. Nothing more was ever heard of Ed. Wolcott until he turned up as a United States Senator from Colorado, and the especial pet of a doting millionaire brother, who remains single that he may keep Ed. up in style appropriate to bis position.


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