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Below is gtven au excellent 'picture of the Dexter Hlgb School, one f the fincst school structurcs to bc found n aay rtllage i:i Michigan: Tl'" building ras erected in 1887, ;u .-i cusí of $15,000, and was built upoo ! r. The arrangement Is modern, nul bhe luwilture and everyttüng aboul it comparatively new and attractive. It is situated upon a high elevation in the castora part of the village, from whicli a fine view is alm aya presented to the eye. The sclir ■ l board, onder whose man;i _i-i]i en t ilii' schools are attalnlng au excellent reputation, is composed of the foUowinii gentlemen: President- Patrick McGutaess. Secret a ry-.T. T. Honey. Treasurer - John Lee. .luim Costello. Aiexander Daneer. TBACHER8. The corps of teachers for the various departmehts is as follows: Ilinii Bchool: Superintendent- Prof. E. D. Walker. Preceptor- J. E. Eagan. AsBlstant- Joeephine Costello. Grammar Sch 7tli and Stli Grades- Myrl Ie Balrd. 5th and 6th Grades- Mande Murdoek. Prlmary Departmemt: Srdand tth Grades- Katte Krans". Ls1 and 2d Gradea- Jessie Doan. There are tour grades in each department, requiring one year for each grade, or tour years for each department. The course oí stndy is such that a gradúate may be admitted to the university without examinatlon, whlch places the school In excellent standing among the High Schools oï the state. It is ttoe aim of the Board of EducattOl) to niake the course of siudy conform to the university requirements, and changea wffl be made oaily as that instituí i"ii ehnnaes its standard of selHilarship for admission to its classes. The I.atin course is designed to adinit pupila to the Ph. B. course. the Scientific to the B. S. and the Knulish or English (ierman or French to the T.. L. The English course is designed cspeciaüy tur tliow uho intend to teach and meets the requlrments for a first grade certifícate. 'Piie school year consists of forty weeks, divided int o cugtomary tbree termsof Fall. Winter and Spring, the l'all term h&ving sixteen weeks and the othcr tWO, twelve weeks each. The schools coinmence on Monday September 7th. Tjhe t uit i mi required of non-reiden1 pupila is :(." cents per week for the [ 1 i lj. ! ) Schnol, !!) cents per week for the Grammar School and l!. cents per week kW the Prlmary School. (IKADIATES. Tlie list of graduates sincr the scIkioIs w ere graded and the High BdhOOl conimenced. consists of the lolkxwing, with t luir present post office address attached: CI.ASS OF 1S77. Ualme MurdooS Dexter. 98 if 1878. Jennie Lyon- PraU Dexter. Hattle Lucaa Flora Terry - ValenHne . [,A88 OF 1879. Imna W. Armatrong Marv Conlon- Dexter. Carne Magofflii - Humphrey.. C neboygan M ardook- Smith liasen Dal td T. w lcox Dexter. CI.ASS OK 1X80. Mattle Beal- SiU - Dexter. Nilijr Copeland- Montgomery, Mo. nna Decker- Ball Dexter. Carrie Lathrop- DavU Flint. Lilly Lathrop- Robinson - Feavllle. .Manie i. Palmer Dexter. UiraW Tozer Merldan, Miss. H. A. Williams, BusineBS M'g'r Courihb ie Aun Arbor. OLASS OF 1881. Llzzie Arnold Dexter. Frank Qage Jonesville. es M iinich. Charlea Brlgga - Detroit. Moore Lorodo. 1 Kriink Sleator Dexter. Jennie White Grand Rapids. CLASS OF 1883. iMabcl T. Moore Loredo, Texas. Belle Honey- Crunrkin - - Dexter. Aunes Andrews Jackson. Alvln .1. Kaston Dexter. Charles H. Stannard - Dexter. CLASS OF 1888. EvaJ. Mains Ann Arbor. Josephlne M. Coetello- Dexter Dora Alle; Dexter. rom Easton - WodhdiM Ann Arbor, Ruel M. Johnson Warren W. Wndhams Ann Arbor. CLA88 OF 181. FordyeeW. Iiriggs GreenviUeUaud V. Tozer Detroit. Ella 8. Presley Dennis VanBurn Klkliorn. Montana. CLAS9 OF 1885. (iordon Stannard „ __ _ BayClty. Hattie Calkins Lena Mallory Dexter. Joey McMara Sloan. Theresa Croarkin Dexter. Myra Wood Clyde. Nellie W'eston- Ltelitfleld Dexter. Matle Sharpey - -- CI.ASS of 1886. Fletcher Wood ClydeElmei Mains DetroitBésale Daley Dexter. Mary Smlth ci.Ass of 1887. Keunion of New School Bnlldlng. CI.ASS OF ]v. (iüru Phelps U Myron Brown Newark, 111. Kute Krause Dexter. ( LABS OF Mabel Mallory- Ctajltn Ovld. Harry Pratt Dexter. ('ora Lyon LH. student, I'. of M. Jessle Doanc Doxter. Ione stannard Medical Student. U. of .'■! Allee ' ostello - Andrt wt Dexter. Anna Whltaker - Dexter. ■ i s of ïsyo. Rosa VanRiper Dexter. ■ Bostwick Keal Ida Dixon Mand Buchanan Wel Frank Bnchanan Emmet Croarkin Dexter William Butler rl.ASS OF 1801. Anna limss _. Dexter. Allie Bennett _ ' Mary Croarkin Kimtm Cunningham Elmer Lyon " F.ilith Warren George VVurster ised. 1 aduated in second course.


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