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J.a. Mcgill, M.d., & Co.

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ORANGE BLOSSOM ■ - -A POSITIVE CURE FOR = - - SSÜSÁLL FEMALE DISEASES. SSSSS CniJC AC TUC CVMDTHUQ -A. tired, lanuid feeling, low spirited and despondent, with no apparent OU Ml Ui InUwllViriUlilui cause. Headache, pains in the back, pains serosa the lower part of boweU. Great eoreneas in región of ovaries, Bladder difficulty, Frequent urinations. Ijeucorrhcea, Oonstipation of bowela, and with all theee symptome a terrible nervous feeling is experienced by the patiënt. TUK OKAN'GE liLOwSOH TKE.VTMENT removee all these by a thorongh procens of absorption. Internal remedies will never remove female weakness. There must be remedies applied right to the parte, and thea there is permanent relief obtained. EVERY LADY OAN TREAT HERSEL_F=-O B Pile Remedy. $1.00 for one month's treatment. O. B. Stomach Powders. o! B. Catarrh Cure. - prepared by - O. B. Kidney Cones. A ANnH4S!A PLJCE. CHICAGO, ILL. , Eberbaeh & Sons.'H. J. Brown. Ann Arbor. Son S-A.XE BY J. J. Goodyear John Moore.


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