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GRANDMA says it is 20 years since she mad such good bread as this. She says GlLLETT'S MAGIC YEAST is likethe yeastshe used to make herself, and she hopes she will never have to do without it again ; and we all hope so, too. Cali for t at your Grocer's. It is always good and always ready. 1892. HARPER'S WEEKLY. ILLUSÏEATBD. HABPER'S V eekly for the coming year will contaiu more attractive features, more and flner illuslratiotis. and a greater number of articles of live intense interest than wlil be found in any other periodical. Araong tlicse latter there will be a series of artioles on the twenly-flve K'eatest cities of the world, including five hundred illustTHt.ions. The Columbian Exposition, the Arniy and Navy, great public events, disasters on land an'i sea, and thedoings of the celebrated people of theuay wllljbe describedand lllustrated in an attractive and tiraely manner. The Department of A muteur Sport will continue underlhe direction of Caspar V. Whitney. The best of modern wrlters will contribute short stories, and the most dlstinguished artists will make the illustratlons. The editorial articles of Mr. Geokge William Curtís will remain as an especial attraction. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. PER YEAR : HARPER'S WEEKIA U 00 HAKPERS MAGAZINE 4 00 HAKPER'S BAZAR 4 00 HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 Postage Pree to all subscribers in lhe United States, Canada or Mexico. The Volumes of the Weeklv begin with the flrst Number for January of each year. When no timéis mentioned, subscriptions will begin with the Number current at time of receipt of order. Bound Volumes of Harper's Weekly for threeyears back, in neat cloth binding, will be sent by mail, postnge paid. or by express, freeof expense (provided thefreightdoesnot exceed one dollar per volume), for f7.00 per volume. Cloth Case for each volume, sultable for binding, will be sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of $1.00 each. Remittances should be made by Post-offlee Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss. Newspapers are not to copy thia aJvertisement without the express order of Hakpek & Brothers. Address: HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. 1892. HARPER'S MAGAZINE. ILLU8TRATED. This Magazine will celébrate the fourth Centenary of the Discovery of America by lts re-discovery, throueh anieles givlng a more thorough exposition than has hitherto been martE of the Recent Unprecedented Developmfnt of oub Country, and especlally in the Oheat West. Particular attentlon wlll also be given to Dramatic EpisoiiEs of American History. Tbe Field of the sext European War wlll be described in a Series of Papers on the Üanube "ï'rora the Black Forest to the Black Sea," by Poultney Bigelow and F. D. Millet, illustrated liy Mr. MIllet and Alfred Parsons Articles also will be given on the Germán, Austrian. and Italian Armies, illustruted by T. de Thurlstrup. Mr. W. D. Howells will contribute a new novel "World of Chance," characterlstlcally American. Especial prominence will be given to Shokt Stories, which will be contributeit by T. B Aldrich, R. H. Davis, A. CONAN DOYLE, MARQARET DELAND, MiSS Woolson, and other popular writers. Amongthe 1 1 te rary features will be Personal Reminiscences of Nathaniel Hawthornk, by his college class-nmte and llfelong frleud, Horatio Bridge, and a Personal Memoirofthe Brownings, by Anna ThackERAY KlTCHIE. HARPER'S "PËRIODICALS. PER YEAR: . HARPER'S MAGAZINE „! ..$4 00 HARPER'S WEEKLY 4 00 HARPER'8 BAZAR 4 00 HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 Postage Free to all subscriben In the United States, Canada or Mexico. The volumes of the Magazine begin with the Numbers for June and December of each year. When no time Is speclfled, subscriptions will begin with tbe Number current at time of receipt of order. Bound Volumes of Harper's MAOAZiNE.for tbreeyears back. In neat cloth binding, wlll be sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of $3.00 per volume. Cloth Cases, for binding, 60 cents each- by mail, postpaid. Remittunces should be made by Post-Offlce Money Order or Draft, to avold chance of loss. Sewspapers are nol to covy thU adverHsement without the exprese order of H arpkr & Brothers. Address: HARPER & BROTHERS, New York.


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