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Farmers' Song

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w'Imii the uhi'.ii is n the granary Ami Mie prtoea reach the nky, AjmJ t i i : - i-oi .- 1 i'i-.H aré a-crowing And the chicken flylng high. Wiicn tbc city H iii-i's aquabble i o Uk' farmer' rtewi and rotes, And 1 lic li:mi is iull of tlinolhy. And the iiins are full of ,-iii. Oh, ii'h then a feller la a feedin' at liis I, Witii the rlaln' sim to ftreet bim i'iniii iiic aighi of gloriout rert, And the i;ii)cs iii.-iy around bim, Ami i he culis are Idcklng lilgh, wiicn the wIm-.-i i la i be urtMees And the prleea reach the s!.y. Thcrc's soniii f i ! 1 1 -_r kind o'hearty Hke A bOUt I Im' kIc.v .'111(1 fij'ld, wüIi the itubble there a laughing At. a thtrty imsiiri yii'id, wit ii the happj Urda a siimin' ml I 1 1 - c.i I I Ie in :i d'izi-. And the iiiicd man a-cominK round To show liis atore clothes. A feller feeta ooatented And .ii peaoe wlth all tbe world Whcn the Rolden flag ol plenty, Like a bleseüift, la anfurled. oh, i ti ii j on n.iim-.y'm happyi And girla are flylng high, W'ith the graaarj ■! boatin' And t he ui-iris in i in' aky.


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