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101ID1T a H SPECIAL TRIP TO HEI YORK In the ïnterests of our Holiday Trade secured for us some extraordinary and striking bargrains in Christmas goods. These have been placed on sale at prices which elicit the enthusiastic approbation of all seekers after bargains. No such opportunity to purchase PRESENTS. at two-thirds to three-quarters their valué has ever been presented to the citizens of Washtenaw county. Santa Claus' Headquarters will be with us this year, and you cannot afford to miss the opportunities for economical purchases which we shall offer. Tl LIST UIM FAIL TD INTEREST 70U: Worth. Our Price. Floral Penwipers $ .10 .05 Sachet Bags 15 .09 Thermometers and Match Safes 35 .23 HandMirrors 40 .29 Fancy Christmas Cards 15 .09 Collar and Cuff Sets 1.25 .89 Glove and Handkercliief Sets 75 .47 Hand-painted Handkercliief Cases 50 .29 Toilet Cases 1.25 .89 Whisk Broom Sets (Horn Mounted 75 .59 Manicure Sets 1-50 1.23 Shopping Bags 85 .63 Writing Dssks, Fancy Oak 1.50 .98 Fancy Purses 35 .25 Ladies' Silk Initial Handkerchiefs 40 .25 Embroidered Silk Handkerchiefs 86 .17 Gents' Silk Initial Handkerchiefs 1.00 .89 Embroidered Linen Handkerchiefs, 50 Styles 35 25 THE 1IIOHGB PItlCED OODS IN THE ABOVE ARTICLES WILL BE FOUND EQUAUI CHEAP AND Kil M. 1.1 DESIRABLE. I3ST HANDKERCHIEFS We excel all our previous efforts and easily distance all competition. Our embroidered Japanese Silk Handkerchiefs please every taste and every pocket-book. Prices 17c, 25c, 39c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 $1.25 and $1.35. Hand-embroidered Linen Handkerchiefs fresh from the French convenís - marvels of beauty and cheapness; prices 50c, 63c, 75c, 98c, $1.25, $1.50, $1. 75. $2.00, $2.25, $2.00 and $3.00 each. Gents' Initial Handkerchiefs at 15c and 25c are exquisite in design and workmanship. HOLIDAY SILKS And Dress Goods will attract you at the prices we offer them, Special lines of warranted Gold Medal Black Silks at 89c, 98, $1.23, $1.47, $1.75 and upward. Also handsome colored Failles worth $1.25 a yard for 98c a yard. Special things in Black and Colored Dress Goods are our $1.35 French Broadcloths worth $1.50. Our 48-inch all-wool Henriettas worth 75c at 59c ; and our 48-inch Ravennas sold everywhere at 90c and $1.00, but our price is 75c. WE ALSO OFFER Carpet Sweepers at from $2.00 to $3.50, Portieres from $3.95 to $18.oo; Lace Curtains from 89c to $12.00; Rugs in Smyrna, Moquette, Goat, etc, from 50c to $12.00; Gents' Mufflers, in all styles, from 25c to $4.00; Gents' Kid Gloves at $i.oo; also Ties, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, etc., etc., at popular prices. Ladies' Fascinators from 25c to $1.50. Shawls in great variety, and special baigains from $1.49 to $8.oo, with a grand bargain of $6.00 and $7.00 shawls at $5.00. Ladies' Aprons from 25c to 89c. Towels, Napkins, Spreads, Mittens, etc, etc. Kid Gloves, largest line in the city, 49c, 73, 98, $1.50, and Evening Gloves at all prices and in all lengths. "The One-Price Store," DRY GOODSülCARPETS 20 S. MAIN STREET.


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