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The Great Secret Of Success In Life Is

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o be ready when your opportunlty ornee.- Baotmsíield. The talent of success is nothing more than doiiig wliat yon can do well; and (loing well whatever you do, without a thought of {ame. - Longfellow. To talk in public, ,to think in eolitude, to read and to hear, to inquire and to answer inquirios, is the business of a acholar. - Samuel Johnson - Rassealas. Do not train boys to learning by kwee and harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their juinds, bo that you may be better able to discover with aceuraoj' the peculiar beait of the genius of eacli. - Plato. To my niind music is an important part of education, wbere boys have a turn for it. It is a great resource ■when they are thrown on the world; it is a social amusement perfectly innocent, and, -vhat is so great a point. employé their thoughts.- Cardinal Xcivman. The interpreting power ol great men briaga out the ralue ol iliin.s so that other unen can see them. They stand with their need oí human sympathy a.nd look froin things i"whieh they love and admire io their fellowmcn, and


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