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A Brilliant Meteor!

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Everyone has heard of people becoming greater than their ereator. On Thursday last Hom. Chas. R. Whitman did a rash deed. He introduced to the democracy of the county in conventdon assembled at the court house, a brilliant, dashing, fire-eating, republican devouring, opposition emashdng-, splood and thunder, plitical pyrotechnlc, wlio will without the least doubt, eclipse Mr. Whitman, Mayor Doty, Mr. Ljesemer, Mr. Sheehan, tund many otlier heretofore supposed good democratie speakers, and force them into the background of oblivion. This new elephant anihilator liaila from the fene of Bridgewater, and is Hightly named, Fenn, - Webster gives this definition: Fen, n. [A-S. fen or fenn, marsh, mud, dirt, etc. He ïs called "Col.," but whei-e'he seteured tliat military title is unknown, though he is said to have been born in 'Georgia, vv'hich may account for iit. It is said tliat he carne into this section from Indiana, tliough no one seems to know exactly. In opening up, this Bffiel tower of eloquence congratulated himself tliat Sic. .vtood in the presence of the followprs 'of Jefferson - he didn't add Davis - and .Tackson. (applause.) He denied the asserti'On of republicans that y put down the rebellion and Ba ved uii country. It was a He, they didbot do it, but rt avus the g-reat democratie party that did it, and the republicans liad stolen the credit. (Cheers.) This eampaign vas to be the last one the democrats would Jiave to figlit (he may have prophied better Tlnin he luiew) after it was over there wouldn't tic a black republícan left in the country, and the democratie majoritks would be po great that no returning- board would dare to go back of the returns. (Laughter..) Tli erepublican party had no prineiiplew, i was founded on bate and raalice. "Take the hearta out of tlie tepublicans, boil them down and turn 'the product into their own stomachs, ïuul they would die in fifteen minutes." "Tlicy exist on the same food tliat Rnakes, aaid toads, and lizzards live on." (Loud sensation.) The republican party had over-ruled the precepto of the Nazareno and ipreaches the g'ospel of hate; the creature had devoured the Cïeator. "If the jeoutherners would only vote 'She republican ticket, don't you nuppose they ■Ni'ould be treated different 1y the republicans ?" He inetanced 5fosb5' as a n examplc. (Intense nervOtisness.) Then thiis massive manier ui the king's Bnglish - and republicans - launched int oa panegyric upon Grovfer Cleveland - alas! poor Grover I "This is the year in whieh we will go forward and rescue the governïnent from the hands of the destróyer, under the leadershiip of that matchleee man, (rover Cleveland." (Applause.) "The democratie party has but one Uuiy to perform in this contest, that it shall bc first, last, and all the time ín favor of that man wlio declares a public office is a public trust." ('plauee.) "Return to your home, friende, with no umcertain sound, but firmly for tbat grandest, greatest, moet belovfed and dearest man, In the eyes oí the peopTe, Grover Cleveland" ('lause.) 'Let your Toices be lor God and omr country and Grover Cleveland, ïorever." Cause.) "Fot the democratie party and for Grover Cleveland" we shall never cease to fight, God bekig our keeper." Cuse.) The democratie party never made a hionopoly." It never laid an oppresfeive hand on labor. It never levied n. tax om the people umder the guise of protecting them." (But when the llemocratiuc party had the power to Vepcal these alleged bad laws, why ftiA't it do t?") It never proclaim'el a loyalty wïfch its lipe that it did toot entertain in its heart. It never, Hvith flushed cheek, crimson nose, IBachanalian breath, anl wabbly knees condemned the saloon as against the home." ('se.) He said, "I would Hke to take McKinley and the McKinley law and shake them as a dog would a sktink." Ce.) It wlll be noticed that this e ís the end of "applause.") .Tust here the probable secret of the "Colonel's" bitter hatred of' the republican party showed itself. He said in effect: "I have a good reason to hate the republican party. There was a time in its history ivhen by the tinkliuff oí a bell, a man avho Avas not a republican was taken from 'his hom eand dragged off to prisoa ■without a trial or without nuthority from judge. or jury." (It win b eremembered that dnring the war, when the "Knights of the Golden Civole," were somewhat numerous in Indiana and Borne parts of other States, there were eome copperheads ïind southern gympathizers Avho found 'their way to Fort Lafayette, in New York liarbor.) Continuing he Baid that thö democratie baiiner had no such words on it folds as exvy, maliee and hatred, but those other democratie words: "Feace on earth, good will to man." And the Golonel's Bpeech was unÜoubtedly a brilliant Bpecimen of it. Tlie "Colonel" eiaid his voice should be heard from now until the close of the campajgn in the. interest of the democratie party. It is eertainly to be hoped bo. In another column a correspondent present s some good points on the necessity for a large hotel in Ann Arbor,- one having a large dining room for banquets. The many state conventions which are coming here are beneficial to the city, and if they can be well accommodated in hotels it would send the delegates away much better impressed with our beautiful town. Every year, as the number of students increase, more relatives and (rienda come to see them, henee more accommodations are necessary. Our correspondent, who is a well known public spirited citizen, has made a suggestion worthy of pushing until we get a hotel suitable tp the place and opportunities. ■ The First Baptist church of Ann Arbor is one of those which observe the pleasant custom of an annual roll cali of its membership, wliich is made the occasion of the largest social gathering of the year, all of the members being expected to be present or acounted for. The Ladie's Society of the church serve tea at six o'clock and receive offerings toward the annuity which they have assumed. The Roll Cali Day this year is Friday, May 6th, and the list wlll he called, beginning at 8 p. m.


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