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MILK CRUST ON BABY Kept Spreading Until Hls Face Was a Raw Sore. He Scratched. Until Blood Kan. Best Physlcians Sald No Cure While Teetblng. He Was Cured Promptly by Cuticura. Bomethiog over two yeara ago, oor boy, theo Ie than one year old, was troubled with an eruption on bis head, pronounced by our best physicians to be a case of " milk crust or infantile eczema." Tfaey alao eaid that It would be impoesibl to cure it until after he had finiehed teething. Thie ma lady kept spread ing until his face was a raw sore, and every few daye he would draw hia finger nails dowo ou both cheeka, removing the acaba, and the biood running down on hia chin made him present a ghastly eight. We comrncneed using the Cuticura Uembdi sa, and in two weeks we uoticed a wonderf ui iraprovement, and in two months his face was fresh and fair, and has been perfectly well ever eince. We unhesitatingly give ail credit to Cuticura. C. B. WILLIAMS, Fort Dodge, lowa. Scaly Humor 17 years I was afflicted for seventeen year wlth a scaly and blotchy humor over myentire breast. Attimea I would acratch till sorencss compelLed me to ceaae. After reading your advertisementa at different times, I concluded to give Cuticura a trial, and, to ray astonishmentas well as eatiefaction, I was cured with one set of Cuticura Rbmbdiks, in abouttwo and a half weeks. That bas been nearly two years since. and no eymptoms of return. JACOB STOECKLE, 3610 Palm Street, St. Louis, líoCuticura Resolvent The new Blood and Skin Purifier, internally, and Cuticdra, tho great Skin Cure, and Cuticura Soap, the exquisite Skin Bcautiuer, externally, inBtniitly relieve and epeedily cure every disease and humor of the skin, scalp, and blood, with losa of huir, from iefaney to age, from pimples to acrofula. Sold every where. Pricc, Cüticdba, 50c. ; Soap, 25c. ; Kesolvknt, $1. Prepared by the PoTTHB Druo and Chemical Corpokation, Boston. mg-'1 How to Gure 8kin Diseae8," 54 pages, 60 illustratioüB, and 100 testimoniáis, malled frec. nlPLES, blackhead, red, rough, chappcd, and f llfl oily skin cured by Cuticdra Soap. j HOW MY BACK ACHES! f Back Ache, Kidney Palna, and Weak"SJAl ness, Soreneas, Lameness, Straios, and 1 3HJ l'-tin relieved in one minute by tho VrtT Cutlcar AntíPain Planter. TITAXTE1) - Competent girl for general T V houae-work. Inquire at 37 Madison St. 13 FOR SALE CHEAP.or exchange for Au Arbor property- 120 acres of flat lund, about slxteen miles froni Ann Arbor, in western part of Saline township. Can be made very valuable by drainage; excellent for stock br gardening. Much of it might be adapted to grain crops as the gravelly loam lies iiear the surface. Enquire at M N. State St., Anu Arbor, Mich. GRAND OPERA H0U_SE } ,. Elabórate Production of Neil Burgbss' FOUR YEARS IN ONE YEAR IN 'fflíÍT'S ■■■ BOSTON ' . SIX II0NTH8 IN üt Countv COUNTRY DANCE wj QUARTETTE fc Li 5 H' ' THE MERKY I Q9I HUaKING BEE The Wonder ui Horse Race! Three Thorougkbreds in a s-i Hile Dash! Oenuine Profettional Jockey Riders! 50--PEOPLE ON THE STAGE-50 Two Carloads of Scenic aud Mechanical Efïects! PBICES, - - ÖOc, 75c, $1.


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