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Hugh R. Jenkins has gone to Evart and other northern places to visit relativos. Miss Kate E. Seymour, of Washington, is paylng her mother, on S. State st., a two week's visit. E. D. Giles, of Detroit, was in the ity last week to attend the funeral f Miss Jeainie Daviwon. Mrs. L. W. James, of Saratoga Springs, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. B. J. Babcock, at 12 N. División st. Ed. E. Pattison, of Chicago, was in tihe city last week, visiting his brother George, of the Pharmacy department. Mrs. Glwis. IyeSuer, of Toledo, is in the city, to remata a week or bo vit li ber KiHtcr, Mrs. Chas. B. Davison. Fred Wallace, of ('hattanooga, Tennj s in the city to-day, calling on old friends. F. J-i. Parker is absent for a time attemdtng to his business interests in ihe oemitral and nartliorn parte of the state. Hou. Stanley Turner, of Koscommon, was in Ann Arbor Monday. He will be a candidate for auditor general at the next republican convention. Wm. W. Saunders, the cigar manufacturer has had a cataract successfully removed from his eye by Dr. l'aiTOw. Upon which his friends congratúlate him. John O. Smlth, owner of one of the largest Boston tanneries, and Mark Alden, of Boston, stopped off on a trip west Monday evening and called on W. W.. Whedon. Will R. Price returned from lila stay in. Florida last Saturday night, looking hale and hearty, and as if the sunny tsouth had given him what he went ín search of, good health. On Friday evening last, a musical was given at Mrs. Condon's on S. University ave., whieh was very enjoyable indeed. Mrs. Kempf, Miss Kate Jacobs, Miss Wells and Fred McOmber furnished the music. - ■ ■ Thursday evening next the Ladies Aid Society oí the M. E. church will give a social in the parlors of tlie churcli. Everybody invited. The Wall Street Sunday School has dome of the linest blackboard Work ín ithe cïty. Mr. E. H. Pierce is the artdst and his charts have been defcervedly much praised. 8. H. Van Slyke, hsecretary, gives tiotice th at the next regular meeting oí the Woman's Relief Corps will be Hield toet G. A. R. hall, on ,.tlii, WeduesÜay evening, May 4th. One fctting is quite noticeable on the streete. Young men wbo have new spring Buite earry thcir overcoats on ■their arms, while thöse not so fortutaate wear theirs where they belong, on their backs. The writer weara Iiis. Jamos IÍ. Bach was mad ethe vietim of a nwindler who pretended to represent au Insurance company as general agent, and who drew on the company from this place on Mr. Bach'S endorsement at the bank. The fellow was a slick one, and understands his business. Mr. Baeh is out $100 by the transaction. The meeting of the Michigan State Medical Society takes place in Flint, on Thursday and Friday of this week. EFhere will probably be about ten or fifteen Aun Arbor physicians present. Dr. Gribbes is chairman of the Section in practice, amd Dr. Nancrede. i orator of the section in surgery. Dr. J. N. Martin, aaid Dr. George Doek, and Dr. V. C. Vaughn, all of this city, Will read papers at the meeting. Mayor Doty, at the council meeting Monday evening, re-appointed all the former city officials, and they were confirmed without opposltion until the members of the board of health which was postponed until a report should be made to the council, which report was requested at the next meeting. Aid. Wines moved that the confirmation of the patrolmen be postponed, and tliere was a great deal of discussion over the matter, in which the violation of law in the Helling of llquor, etc, was brought up, and the manner in which the foree put in thelr time was questioned. The motion to dismiss the patrolmen was lost by a vote of 9 to 3. The patrolmen were then confirmed by a vote al 9 to 3. Ann Arbor i a greart town in many "ways. It was once the fashion to tollect all possible for entertainlng htati' meetings, conventions, etc, get th. city to give something besldes, nuid then havo a deficit to make up, wlicn ii 11 1he Wils ere in. Xow a new tuul better "fad" has struck the placo. The committee solicits subscriptions, get them paid as they subscribe, and then declares a dividend. The Renerous givers for such purposes were ölmost paralyzed last January when the eintertainment committee for the entertainment for the State Editorial 'convention 'declared a dividend of 40 per cent. and returned that much of 'onch persom's subscription. It was "thought to be one of the fi-oaks that twily editors were eubjected to, and that it would never occur again. But now comea another paralyzer. The 'entertainment committee for the G. 'A. K. cincamprnent have paid all their 1)ills and declared a diridend of 41 por Cent. It was harrtly fair for them to take the p;ilt edge off of the editors with that üttle figure 1, but they did it, and Maj. Stevens has delivored to oaeli subscriber that much of their subseriptioiis. The reason for the comtnlttee'e ability to do this is the same tis In the case [ the odibors, viz: the eittemlaiico was not as large as expected. The committee also conducttd It business in a business way, and lalthoujgh not stkiting or unnccessarily eoonomizing1, vet only such expenses were incurred as were necessai-y, and the funds were handled the same fee they would have licen in private bustnees. This method is certainly a vpvy popular one, and it. is hoped ithat 't niay never go out of faslvion.


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