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Friday ■ Saturday . SAUS DAYu ! Of our Friday and Saturday Sales increases as people test them and find everything exactly as advertised. They are a means of positive saving to economically inclined people, as all articles advertised in these sales are sold at from 20 to 30 per cent, under usual prices. TI II S O ' WEEK FRIDAY and SATURDAY, And for Thes-e Tivo Daya Only, we shall ofler : FOBTY All Stylish Novelties ! #" ALL DBESSim J-yrH-tOIIE-WTEB OFF ÜLSO 1,000 yards 28-inch Angora Spring Suitings, worth 124c, at 6fc 500 yards 32 inch Sterling ïwills, worth 10c, at 5 c 45-inch Lockwood Pillow-Üase Cotton, bleached, worth 14c, at. . . 11 c 46-inch Fruit of the Loom ' " " " 18c, at... 14 c Braddock Hose Supporters, tonner price 25c, 20c, 15c Sale price 18c, 14c, 9c Excellent Safety Pins: No. 2 at 25c a gross box; No. 3 at 35c a gr. box. Large line of Colored Triinmíngá, Í ALL 1-4 OFF! Stylish Pattern9- Latest Designs " One Price Only." 20 South Main.


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