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COCNCIC CHAMBKM, ( Ank arbor, April 27th, IWR I Special meeting. Council met and was called to order y President Cooley. Roll called. A quorum present. Absent- Aid. O'Mara.- 1. City Clerk Miller stated the cali of his meeting to be for the purpose of earing report of Bond Committee and o consider the same. The cali of pecial meeting havinc been stated, lie following business was transacted: BOND COMMITTEE. To the Comrnon Council: Your Committee on Bonds would repectf ully report that they have examned the following bonds of liquor ealers and would recommend their cceptance with the sureties named. Principal. Sureties. ohn Goetz, Jr John Goetz, Sr. Wm. G. Henne. Anton Braham Herman Hardinghaus. John Laughlin. acob Ardner A. A. Meuth. Gottlob Heeler. .Fred Keimold W. Fred. SchlandereiJohn Pfi8terer. ohn Goetz, Sr., &:Wm. Goctz Jacob Bissinger. Frederick Kim. Wm. A. G winner Gottlob Liiick. Emanuel Luiek. olhemus & Saxton.-. Jacob A. Polhemus. Warren E. Walker. Adolph Kemper Henry Apfel. .Matheus tiseUer. ohn Sohneider, Jr John Sclineider, Sr. Geo. V. Stien. rederickBraun. Geo. F. Stien. Christian Helber. Herman Harding-haus-. Herman Hutssel. Frederick Uraun. awrence.J.Damm E. V. H angsterf er. John Hagen. Hutrh F. Shields L. Henry O. Exinper. JohnM.Vnguer. Villiam H, McIntyre...Geo. Clarkeu. John Reynolds. Geo. Clarken WIMam H. Melntyre. William Waleh. I. M. Nowlin Allen L. Nowlin. Casper Kinsey. hristopher G.Mülman. Herman Haniinghaus. Hiram Kitredge, Villiam L, Frank Michael Stabler. Jacob Laubengayer. Fred liesimer Henry Matthews. Chase L. Dow. Martin & Fiseuer TitusF. Hutzel. Charles Binder, August Herz John Hagen. Christian Gauss. Eugene Oesterlin, Jr.-.Geo. Bross, .Eugene Oesterlin, Sr. bristian Gauss August Herz. G. Henry Binder. August Schneider Geo. G. Waidelech. Henry Otto. acob Dupper John Steeb. Geo. G. Waidelech. .Jacob Koch John Koen. Frederick Hausel. Walsh& Clancy Ambrose Kearney. Geo. Clarken. I. F, & J. Sehaibel John Hagen. Matbaeus Fiseher. William Rauschenberger Ernest A. Dieterle. Thomas Rauschenberger. Gottfried Schettle John Heinzman. Christian Sohlenker. Fred Rettich, Jr Jolin Schmid. Jacob F. Schuh. DRUGGIST'S BONDS. Mann Bros' Frederick Schmid. Henry J, Manu. John Moore H J. Brown. E. C. Calkins. EleazerG. Calkins H. J, Brown. John Moore. H. J. Brown John Moore. E. E. Calkins. BassettBros' Geo. L. Moore. L. Bastt. Ilespectfnlly submitted, A. H. Jb IL3I0RE, H. G. Pkettyman, Bond Committee. Aid. Martin moved that the report be accepted, -which motion prevailed. Aid. Herz moved that the report of he Bond Committee be so amended ;o include the three bonds not included herein, namely: Príneiixd. Suríties. Charles Binder Cliristian Martin. Willitim Herz. Chrisüan Spaeth Christian Martin. MiehaelStaebler. John Maulbetsch John M. Weidmayer. Christian Martin. Which amendment prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Martin, Herz, Snow, Ferguson, Rehberg and Pres. Cooley. -6. Nays- Aid. Fillmore, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman. - 4. Aid. Wines and Aid Schairer asked to be excused from voting. Aid. Martin moved that the report be accepted and adopted and bonds approved, which motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Schairer, Martin, Herz, Snow, Ferguson, Rehberg, Taylor, Pres. Cooley.- 8. Nays- Aid. Wines, Fillmore, Kitson, Prettyman.- 4. On motion the Council adjourned.


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