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Real Estate Transfers

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E. C. Chandler to M. J. Lehman, Chelsea $ 200 I. J. Lehman to Geo. Irvln. Chelsea 200 Helen C. McNlcol to E. E. Osband, Vpsi 200 E. V. King, et al, to E. H. Cressy, Saline 400 Geo. J. Kuebler, by adm'r, to Geo' Gruner, Ann Arbor 51 G. Hellemann to A. W. Wilklnéoü, Chelsea 200 . W. Wilkinson to W, P. Considine, Chelsea 200 C. M. Simmoug to F. Siminoiií, et a!, Ypsilanü 140 Emma Parper to Jeremiah Patten, Ypsi 103 Nelson Holmes to F. E. Fischer, Ypsi- 5,000 j. Alderman to L. C. Alderman, York.100 B. W. Marble to L. Alderman, York 75 . Pflstèrer to M. VValsh, Ann Arbor.- 850 ohn T. Morrison to E. Youuglove. Y'psi 600 Anna M. Goodman to F. Green, Y'psi 300 .. Staffan to M. Swjickart, Chelsea 100 Emily C. Hebbard to L, A. Hebbaul, Kor'thfleld 1 . Harringtou to M. A. Ilarriugton, Augusta - 1 8 lichael Eberle to L. A. Burrow, Lodi 1,000 V. F. Clements to Jumes Handby, Dixboro 50 oseph Guild to V. H. & E. J. Guild, Ypsflantl 800 Electa Smlth, et al. to Eniina St. Clair, Anu Arbor 2ö j. Kheinfrank to Townshlp of Bridgewater 28 Joses Seabolt to Julia E. Krapf, Anu Arbor ._ 1,200 ohn McCollum to Geo. B. McCollum, Saliue 225 . H. Isbell to N. Bordine, Saline 150 ohn Taylor to W. J. Willcutt, Ann Arbor 700 effersou Liudsey to John Gordon, Saline 200 jucretia Shuart to llary Sockow, Salem t00 lary Sockow to H. Laraway, Salem 800 I. Laraway to C. Walker, Salem 050 Phcebe B. Beal, et al, to J. J. Goodyear, Ann Arbor 5,500 "Prominent clubmen" - The pólice. The longst strike- Twelve o'clock. Somothing that beate all- The pulse. A regular give aw.iy- Wedding cake. "Oomes from the heart"- Palpitation. , AVant ttoe eartta. - Real catate specuüators.