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Iliis college tries tO make the righ{ a principie oí being, and the good au object oí attaiiiment.- Pres. Thwíng at Adelbert. Eiighftcnianess makea man great. Bvi'ii if tfliiere be no Gol and no future Ufe, ve ought to live and die as mea a.nd not as beasts. Pessimism te ;x dreary creed, and a dreary creed ie an irrational creed. Goodness ouftlüt to' rule and what ought to be wi.ll be, because ttoe word "ought" car. riles im it the supremo necesslty, the majestic arad sorereiign wlll of God.- Bev. A. J. E. Beliiremda at Rutgers. To .-ome, religión is a thing lightly e.steenuMl and easUy carried; a iha.rmlcss oompoumd of sentiment and pilotis routiíie. To otfluers it is a crushiiing burden, under wtlth they wearily aad paiinfiilly stagger. It should be nelithier, but a race full of purpose and emthuisiasm, imto which the aspirant leaps wiifh the spirit oí the athlete. It iis stern; it is serióme; but it has tlie fase iirnat ton and tlio exhilaratioa oí high, earaest, gloriious endeavor.- Iiev. George at Uaiiion. Does ft not at once come home to the youing man that self-surrender to a lofty ideal 'm the truesst selP mastery: that he who loses himseü in entliusiastic devotion to the highest sood he knows must surely find htaeell ? ding fast to thi.s oouvietion let lit not go; keep iit. tor it is yonr üie. Joiui yourselves not with those who eeek to levy tribute apon the earnings of tens of ttoousands, bui i-atlrer with those vrho study to lift tire burdeaus and brighten the lives o thelr fellow men.- Washington Gladdein at W'iilliiams. During the last tiventy-five years there has been. a reactiion and the pendulum has swung back toward centralizati'on. We see t'his in the labor world; we see it in. politics, the tendency beimg wo strong t crystallize everytüilng into partios that the man, who dares to thtnk and act ior himself is stigmatizeid as a traitor. There is a false reveremce for majoiities, a wrang estímate of the sacredness of human law.- President Ai drews at Browai. Ohrtetianity is a cholee. It has made grand characters. Love is the mighttest power in the uni verse o of God. Stiill Chriist goee a step aiid puts our feelimus and wlll under a law. Ttoiere te nio liife uuder sö hliigh a law as the liie of Clirist. There iis no energy so diseiplined as the Olwistiaji energy. Ruted by the holy si)irit of Go'd, it tiever compromises


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