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To assist in enlivening the Holiday Seasonthe Publishers of Have concludcd to inaugúrate in America the latest English fashion : The Hfesïng yofd contgst These amusing contesta are now quite the rage in London, and we have heard of one of' them in whioh 217,000 persons participated. As each participant con tribu led a shilling en trance fee, the aruount divided among those whosupplied the missing word was large. The total, $53.500, was divided among 114 persons. . o each ot these got al most $470. HSR5 3R5 TH TRAij'oP T cofWT Each person who wishes to try to supply the missinf word in the paragraph that will presentir follow, must cut out the "' MISSING WORD COUPON" trom Frank's Wekkly, and witli name aud address, and the missing word plainly written in the proper blank spaces. send the same to the office of the publishers, together with twentv-rive cents in postage Stampa or currency. On the lower left hand corner of the envelope enclosing the cuupon and entranee fee should be written "MISSING WOKD CONTKST." The total of the extkaxck feks will be dividid eqnally among those who correctly supply the missing word. This coupon will be printed in the issues of December 22 md 20th, and in those of January 5th and I2th. The result of the con test will be announced in the issue of January I9th. No contestante will be pennitted to enter after noon of January Hth. Tlrs rs th$ Pafagr-aph; : "The amphitheatre was filled with exoited and angry people. Those on the outside were apprehensive that the excited crowd woulci do serious damage to life and property. These apprehensions were shortly confirmed by the firing of a shot frorn one of the " ) The missing word in this paragraph is known only to tiie Editor, and it has been written and sealed by him in an envelope which wül not be opened till nn n of January 14th. COMPETITORS may make as many aUempts as they rhoose, but pacli aitempt ijius! be tnade n ü coupon taken fi. 'in Frank Lksuk's Wkkkly, and accompanied by theeutrance FEE of 25 Conts. PobÚshehs '"Frank Lesme's Wkïkly." 110 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City.


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