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jr&díoTigiíiT%KYT.f Pa&nSr fSSff TOWER LATHE8, drcular, Scroll and Fret Sawinp, Turning, Boring DrilHng, Grinding, Polishing aud Screw Cuttlng. For Carpenters, Cabinet Maker, Carriace Makers. Black. White, Silver, Copper and Goldsmitl)?,; Architects. Amateurs. Gentlemen, Clcrgymen, Teachers, Jewelers, Dentista, FARMÈES and evebybodï else. Users havo Wrltten t " Had lt-8 TearB. wcmltl not take $100. Guve 4S. ■' Cosí me SCO. í have refused $100. Uad it 12 years." ' It 8 worin twice lts eost." " I rould not do without it. . „ .. I have scen many. Thls is the best. Beate tbem all." " I am eamlng my Uving wltn It." Frlce $5 to $50. Send 6 cents for 100 pages Oí Lathe Instructlon and Description. EPHBAIM BKOWN, loweU, Mas caSsi CURE 8iok ücadarhe and rolieve all tho tronbl3 Incident o a bilious Htite of tho cyatem. such as J)iz7.ines5, Nausea, Drowsmesa, Bistreps íifter eatintf. Mr. in the Siile, ko. Whilo thcirmost Temarkabls bucceas Laa boon nhown in curing HeactiPho, jet Cnrter's ÍAttlo Ltver Pilla are cqually valuablciaConstipation, curingandpre yentiug tliisauuoyingcoiaplaint.whilo they also correct all tUsor-lora í" t boa tomach.Btimulate tho íiver acd roguUíe the bowola. Even if they only AchetïieyouldböaliQOstiJriccicpatothoaewho eufí'or f rom this distressíug comlaiut; brfl f ortur.ately thcirgoodiioasd'jca notoi:flliero((i.iidtho9o vhooncotry tliem will únd thso li tlc pilla valnOble in f-omany waystbat ího;' wlU not bo wilüng to do without tucin. Bub aftar allsick head ACHE Is the baño of po many lívoa that horo Ís wfcera ive icaiie our grcat boaat. Our pilla cure it while ethers do oot. Carteas Littlo Liver Pilis aro very stnall and vory eaay to iaLo. Ouo or two pilla mftko a doee. They are Btrictly ve;etable and do not gripe or purgo, but by their gentío action plotse all who usethom. In vial3at25centn; flvefor$l. Sold fcy druggioís everywhoro, rr nent by maiL CAR'. ER MEDICINE CO.9 New York. SMALLP1LL.SKALLDCSE.SVALLPRÍCE RINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, FLOUR AND FEED STORE. Ve keep constantly on hand BREAD. CRACK ERS, CAKES, etc., íor Wholesale aud retail trade. We shall also keep a supply of SWIFT & DEUBKIS BEST White Wheat Flour! OSBORN'S GOLD DUST FLOUR. BCCKWHEAT FLOUR, CO1ÍN MEAL, FEED, ate, at Wholesale and retail. Ageueralstockof GBOCERIES and PBOTISIÚNS Constantly on hand, whtch will be sold on a reasonable terms as at any other house in the city. Cash paid for BOTTER, EGGS, and COUNTRY PRODUCE generally. Goods delivered to auy part of the city without extra charge. RINSEY & SEABOLT. TRÜCKandSïORAGE Now we are ready with a new Brick Storehouse for the storage of Household Goods, Pianos, Books, Stoves, etc. PIANOS AM HOUSEHOLD -:- GOODS Carefully líoved. All kinds of heavy aud light Draying. FREIGHT WORK C. E. GODFREY, 'Phone 82. Res. and Office 46 N. Fourth Ave. GET J TICKET OF W. F. LODHOLZ 4 & 6 BROADWAY. Andyou are entitled toachoiceof The Home Instructor, the Life of Geueral Shennan, or the Life of P. T. Barnura (freci. when cash purcuase to the amount ol $15.00 has been made. THE KOE INSTRUCTOR, IiARGE OCTAVO. 47S l'AGKS, ILLUSTRATED. A compendium of useful knowledge necesary for the practical uses of every-day llfe Acomplete and perfect guide to life in public aud private. THE LIFE AND SSEDS OF GEN, W, T, CROWN OCTAVO, 588 PAGES, ILLUSTUATKD. A graphlc narrativo of hls boyhood and arly life, educatlon, career ia Florida and california, military achtevements, Ufe as a eitizen, last slckness and death; with liue steel portrait. THE LIFE OF P, T, BARNUM, The WorldRenowned Shovman. CROWN OCTAVO, 520 PAGES, IILUSTRATKD. Hls early llfe and struggles, bold ventures and brilllant suecess; his wonderful careur, hls wit, genius and eloquence, hls life as a citlzen, etc- to whlch Is added hls famous book, "The Art of Money Gettinc" W. F. LODHOLZ 4 & 6 BROADWAY. 1640 Tho way to secure j?ood reading is Va eutweribe for the Courier, pay $1 and eecure that paper together -vvith tho N. Y. Tribuue.


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