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A Wonderful Tale

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Strenge superatdt'toms, f tliat is the proper term, comes t Ugtit gometimc.s. L.-ist Sunday ome oí the large fainiily of ( oui'ici' readers was interrupted while ín that commendable (■-■ u ii.-i.t :: i n . by a littte daiighter of a ui.i-iiibi.r coming n and making &togTiter request : "(au" I licuTDW yowr cat tor a little white ?" Tlie request was such a strange ome tii.n the lady tluught the ehiltl nnist be mistaken. During her experfence im lite she had hoard of borrowing almost cvci thim moveable and '.cable, but never yat had heard ui borrowdng a cat. 80 efoe iiut'.-tiDiicd the child clos'jïy to malse oerUuta that the cat was tibe dcyiffd arttcle. "Yes," said tllie child, "that'a what inaniiua Avant.-." "Aro yon certain ? Cau't it be SOmetüiang else, that scmiuls likc cat !" "Nu. It'8 cat gttne wants to takr a few minutes. Pape lias got a, surc ff, añil mamma wants to stick tune cait'a tail in bte eye to make :t wcll. If yotril Iet ns take hor. I will brtng her back in inst a few minuto, all rlglht." requeel was granted, the cal Treot on ts missinii and was duly returiied. bnt wtether the hcallng propertjee that the wdman Bupposed 'xlated in Vfoe end of .■ cat's t;iil offectually cured e cye or not, wc are nut able to state. Pei&ape thto Idea may e a "p linter" to some ol learned pbyIt may not le in tlu'ir catalogue in' remedies, bul ,'U know pliys':;ian. libe everytoody else, cat-er to popular fails.


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