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Dona bencelees Dexter doctors liave orgamixed a fcombiae, to doublé the pi i ie ni vitóte mai'.c betwean '■ p. m. and 7 a. m. ( P make gíjrty hard oo helre. At Acalla, Mie bttaer night, the BiogLng i, i.-;-;,-.' ralted to f i II bis appointnu'iit ov;i:r to !:'.' Intensely cold weattier, w ) : u tpoie eachlnatlon fa,-t to lú i-piiiidttis- a great "m on til!' i"g"g niasicr. "Fout good men to cut cordwood" are advertSsed Dor In t!w ! exter Newe. AVi' underetBíKl 'iliat C. O. Luce, o leed, and :i:. I'.. WSnans, of Hamburg, at. pxEBeai1 heve no Job, and both are a.ble bodied. A valualiH' edLeptiertl dos, owned by John Lawwm, ol Whitlaker. was klllt-d Une otlier day by the íast exprew. The dog was running on the u-ain's time and ïio biame la attached ti tfae railrond Vompany. Sonic thouidit t waa a wlndmlll, off tibe '.-haft. and crtbers, probabiy didn't thiiik iui.vthiiiir about it, but down it Ment, after a brave struggle, prone to 'ilie sli])i)ery carth. It was BTon siii;tii. M Miian ; arm broken. Beierriog to 'tJie opening tip of extcii:vc Btone kjuarrlee at Maybce, the Aim Arboc ('imrici' saya tiiat "a boom ïcnniilfd kipon tih rocks, mght to be a aoUd one." It sfootlld be ior inany a boom lias gone to pitx-es ''on th roclos." Dr. Nan-nil Of Aun Arlmr, rccently perionned an unnsoal operation In brein Burgiery, removtog a cortical center, in B COK of epil-'psy. llow tbe poor fellow milist have sultered wirh ttoet tliiaii? in Uis liead ! Alas. w-liat ills ilt'sh iti hair to ! An Orcbard Iake restaurant recently purcttmsed a block of Ice, which proved to contain a teog, wtich was frozen as Jinrd as the heart of Herod. However, on being plaoed by a stove he soon thawed and became as llively as a candidate for depvty oil inpeector. Mrs. Catharine 13. Davis, of Detroit, died recen tly and left a bequest of $10,000 to five trustees, the income of tlie mim to be expended in behalf of Bishop Harris Hall, at Ann Arbor. Yerily. sihe ba oiie of those who "rest trom thetr lVibor and their works do follOW t'lH'lll." S.vrii men. more r l-.'ss tiood ttlld more oc ten true, are willing, like eircumetances, to leave öbie plow or drop any 'tooi ; and forsaklog father. iiioUiíT. wlfe and mother-lm-law, follow tlie pnth of amhition tliat leads to the Milán poetaftlce. Beven feel oaUed already. six n teel hnrt later. Manager shute of the opera house, wtll 1h' hëre next week 1I reside and ake personal c'harge of the theatre. - Ypsilanti Commercial. The mnnaser hsut a name that sttiould become un active tranaltive vcrb uilli oiiie of the snii!c companies, on tiie ii-oímI thjs season. At the oud of a. terrible f glit the otlier niglit, between a. Central bagpagenuu] and i baggage_ truck, at Ylisilanti. tilt1 iirst iiajnrd waa jiroirictor oí a sliin-wounil, Ixme deeg md ix 'lachea long. The truck took in uiiinir advantajje, the night being is I.l.i - R ae prlnter'e iaik. I wcrald like to ask the London correspondent II tioere were two aldea o ttoe story of tlie taan tha1 beat hi ■xiie recently en that shc could not eit up for a week.- Oakville Oor. Mllan "There, yon ecalawag son ol a 8anai itan ! Plek the meats out oï Hiat while I crack anotlier !" The people of thtó place appear atlier odd. Tliey go BtumbHog about as 11 trylng to fall down, and In a fjood nunvber oToaeea tliey accomplish tlieir ])iirposi'. - Stony Creek Cor. Ypsi. Oommercial. It ík t'vidi'in th-at tho Keely instituto 0-1 vet uscil op il 11 the material lierealxmts. Prof. Scbaberte, who haa been sent by Ldfck il( rvatory tO ('liili, to capture an eclipse, soaked up his first knowledge ot aationomy at tfa Michigan Inivcrsity, and rail 866 furthor 'irounil Uw back side of a penumbra, ora cloublo min-dog, 'Hat au.v otber hky geier on tb Pacific coast. 'J'he News prints a patent medicine ad. and denominaties it an Adrián Preee-tem. Aro IndignantUy pleed nol gnllty, and havlng no use lot aarsaporilla, or other blood purltbe Presa must not permlt lts to be reapouelble tor a truthfui patent medicine Item. Qnjt it. A c [ed .-mil bhree boys ran down a bilí al Aun Arbor lasi week. A vagrant pust saw thein and went In tiie way. The front boy and Uk bind boy dodged, but the middle boy couldn't, and tbe post broke Moral : Don't be the middle . If you oan't be the bead, b tail. and done with it. Oa I.yndon fWaeitenaw county) wtao Ut Mm was low, (this liappened SIII1L I " SoJ all bloodlcss lay the trodden snoiv, and aw the merry skators go, ou dce eir, scooting rapid]y. But Lyndon saw anotlier sjght ! Twas Kev. Lobb's donation night, and $17, new and bright, were all he got- for times wore tjgbt ! He held those ' cart-wheels" in hls fist, and read tlieir motto which he kiseed. Said fee, " TvO got you on my list.' 'In God we trust'- Let's be dismissed." An es bange t i i : a tramp wïlo rai door bell and a-k.''l the trim, pretty wotnaj u h.0 opei ie would Iiimllv ask !;:■ dojtor i lie liad a pair n.' cl! i i-i i i as willing to away. "I am tih.e doctor," re;in' plurnp Eind pleasing young wonian, and i, ■ tramp talnted. - and muecles are go luliri oaited iiy Hood.'s öarsaparllla that al rlneiiniiit i"in and stlffoeee soon dlsap ;i.a-. '!:■..


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