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The Ohio Chemical Co.

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TE8TÍM0NIALS. XXAXV-iV V- ACENTS WANTED. O I DOUBLÉ CHLORIDE OF GOLD TABLETS Jx. j Wil y the dcsire for TOBACCO n from 3 to 5 days. Perfect] harmlels; cause no Jf W L J v':tiin a cup of tea or coffee without tt1 kuowledge of the p.ttient, who will L .. V K ' ! volunta Rii.i g or che winsr in á ft w da ys. L k W - ;. 1 . r,„A KÜflDILliUr LI DIT can cured at home, and without Xj. r 6; có na !Y!UKrJHJNi: HABII .yeawtonthe pan f ti p. r VN ü at SPECIAL FORMULA GOLD CURE TABLETS. _g rfVV Dv:r:!' ■ ved the free ue of Liquor or Morphïae until t:1.:. h time S -"■ fóW : . c thcni up. wMi testimo:ul p;iiuplilft of testimoniáis free, and shal! be "fiad lo place V J -u" . iliits i-: t ■nii!:i-n: .ilion witli [lersons who llave te-rii B Lk. HÏalS fPOlTl ..L,'eVB are "ur sale bymllKlRST-ctASSdruggislsat $1.00 Sk k perSOnSwllO I )"-■ ■ ■ - , , , ,,,. . „■ Kfik. a k have been cur- ; m ' l:c ■:, t'iem, enrióse lis J .CO rnu :c II stnd B K BL. v .,,,,; a luttaift üt our Tabieus. IB-k ed by the use of . mr iijiinr and address plainly, and state whetlier Tablets nAjBjAk u' . .., Murphine or Licuor llábit. ''" ■W U IJO TADICTO pp_. ._. .pp.p fc_wm ""■'■ " : lAOLtlo. ' "■ - 'VI t_ IVl t3 fi A B BgkJJ HF rnEOiuo Chemical Co: --. . . . .. e . . LL ■■k. 9r Dkk Sik: - I have been ustnff vour V vrvKaoireaml invitr the most careful mves. ■WBk ■lSIW. cure for tubacco habit, and found it Vould tigj'uin ;í lo our reqionsihility and the ments of our HJL. BB do what tou claimed for t. I used ten cents ,T,.rT, ,„ „ „T.r„_ . BW BL " wnrthul tac strongest chewing tubacro a day, _' . HOI BE DECEIVED into - IKBk. B and !V..m mie to live cigars; or 1 woiild stnoke ,. noDtr.ims that are being g. BV.Bk. from un to forty pipes of toliacco. llasoc! ;'í" " '-. -"r üiJ-iiJ O lAtBSBBk BkB' and smoked lor twentv-rive vears, aiul two packancs L.l; ! ■■ ■ ■"l '■'i'1' '; ■""-[.■ BkBk. BV of your Tableta cured me sol Have nodesire forit. " iciutcd unly by i-ïfeuK P U. M. JAVI.OKU, l.cslic, Mich. ''HE bBB CBbV Doubs Ferry, X. . BW BBkHU The Omo Chemical Co: nUin PUrr."lïPAi Pil B. BBteBI Gknmkmkn: - Somt time ago I sent lor worth of your UlllU unOmUHL. UUi) H] MV L A BiBr Tablets for Tobacco llabit. [ received them all right and, although r.. ...t rr n-ro n f .1 BlB Bftk Bk I was botli a heavv siiiolitT niid ciicwcr, thcv Jid the work u less th:ui 5,,53i!,3 55 0,-tRAGLUK, 9k BVTvA three days. 1 am cured. Trulv Vours. LIMA, OHIO. .Bk. Mh_ ■hb? mathkw Johnson, p. o. Box hj. PARTICULAKS ijpn. 1. tt " I'irisBDRoii, Pa. BW vk vk The Onio Chkmical Co: . Si iOTBBw. SbJB Ghntlemkn: - It givcs me pïeasureto speak a word of praise for your Tabletü. t"r"ÍEt H l-í :, ViMTiJi ?IB My son was strongly addicted to the use of liquor, and through a friend, I was led to "."?! KTP vBk ry 'our Tablets. He wlis .l heavy and constant drinker, but alter using your Tablets Ml, BjM wO BBn but three davs he qujt drinking, and will not teuch liquor of any kind. I have waitcd S'vï a HjHnk ÊtÊrP fouruiunthsbciore writiDuyuu.iu order tokaow Uie cure was i-rinani Bfc 't BHk Yours trulv, ■Vk HBX y HELKN MORRKOX. jR MBk VJBw ClSCINNATl, 0. ''LL B.BW BBF Tnr Ch;o fnrvKMi. ro. ■■ i-'ír. Hk ■■ rLXMEN: - Your Tablets have perfermed a miracle in my cai-e. I have uscd morpn::; ■Bkk. BWBA n year, and have been cured by the use of iwo pïckajfes of your 'ï'ablr! nJBa. BfeXS - ■'■: Partw- ' ■ '-■'' ' ; -ra"v A.dd.roBa all Orders to X' (Is Wiitic pleasa nntOQ tliij paper.) . ! WA, GHIO,


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