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Aa 1 mu lo iuniJsh tot lili' U. S.IKpartnm-nt of Airii.nlturc. a weekly relort cvciy Sjmirday clurini; Xiv grow:im maaoú, i wonid reapectfally tavSe the conttai eo-operatlon of the fa.rnu'i-s tiid frutt growera o! Washtenaw and j:ninis rrmntiffl Prof. lian, tJu' dtaeetor ol the i.-■! va torv of the l'nivcrs;ty of Mi.-hiiran, wöl furnlMi tiio temperatura tor tbeee reporta, and In iimt ]iii" the reIKiri of cmirsc 11 Ik; jx-rfoct. Wc iainicrs of Waabteoaw altouid lakc prjde 'il tliis report .-in honor tO OUT most important and elevatjog oceoimtloii, addlng practical resulte to tboee of BcJeoce. These reporte wül benefit ur prolcsalon. Belag eogaged In preparing artlClea cm Aniencim fat. and mea) produclng piams and (eedlng gtntfa for Oktengo and Clnclanati, allow me to draw attentlon to Hclianthns 'Pnlifi-osns. u-anslau'd luto Bngllsh, Smi 'I iibeV, known as Jerasalem Arli .-hoki'. as (( fleMl and milk produo'ng, liiprtltli pioniothm plant oj mi-ai importan . Mv experimenta Ui tliiK piant are vim.v wiiisa -tory. ii baa oo enemy, and can be prodaccd ctaeaper than any other tuber plant. Now iir;iM' addrese lotten or postal carda to mv addreee, weekly 11 posmible, in regacd to tbe state ol the growfat; crops and ol n-ui prospecta, he víi'i oí the weather on crops, rijiKiitioii and progrese during ih" week; atoo the damaglag eüecte of húgh wind-s. rx-t-ssive ralus, dronght, fltwt. hall, etc., slimild snrh OCCUr. Tlic carlettes ol wheat, eorn, oate, berley, rye, etc., thai aro glvtog the beet resulta. Tiic Secretar; oí Agriculture, the Bon. Sterling .1. Morton, wraa aboul :u years ago, au Enhab4tant ol Washtenaw. I remember whcn he raleed ü&a rirsl crope iu Michigan Onlversltj nul w.-is wi-ii acqualntecl wlth hls family rhen ilicy resldod on Jefferson Avenue n Detroit. I know the secrelary 111 t;ikc a special Interest in Wayne and Washtenaw agricultura and horticultura. Now brettoren, please aend In your reporte : don't forget oat, turkeya and cnlckens, all Important farm prodttcte. ats are the best meat pi-oducers and may hlp you to ï-isc way up high. Pleaee addreas the tarniers' and Fruit erower' frtend, Aun Arbor, Xllch.


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