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OFFICIAL.] [L ('II OIBER. I ABN ABBOH, April .'), 1888. Adjourned .session. President Cooley being absent, the Council was calïed to order by the Clerk. Roll called. Quorum present. Absent- Aid. Herz, [Pillmore, (_"- Mam. Behbent, President Cooley. - 5. Onmotionof Aid. Prettyman, Aid. Bnow was elected president pro tem. The Journal of the last session was approved. REPORT OPSTANDING rnilMITTKK. Aid Taylor moved that the rules be spended, and the Onance report be remi. Adopted. FINANCB. ÏO U Your Committee on Flnance respectfully report that they have had the follówiiiK bilis under consideran. n and would recommend their allowance at snms Btated coNTiNüF.xT rum). w. .1 Mlller, Balary. iW 86 E. B. Norria. BalHry ' ' Mrs. Jacob H. Stark. janitor 6 H Bid W. Millard, pnnting sappliee U -'.". W.J. Mlller, expre charges 60 Hi-iiiy O. Wllmot, poeting reglstratlon and electlon notices 4 M RichrnondS Itackus Co. .supplies J la Ann Arbor T.-H. Electric Co., street lighttnir 591 s" Ann ArlKr T.-H. Bleotrio Oo , office lights 2 00 .lames Smalley, burylng 2dead dog-. I 00 Alexander Blupe, burylng 1 dead dog. 60 Total .1 TBM STHKKT FDND. i'elson Sutlierland, ealnry 6 66 Geo. F. Key, salary W M Bdgai Wamer.labor ' Lawrenoe Húghs, labor 4 50 Herman Bucholz, l:ilor MBO Miohael Williiuns, labor -1 U Willis Clark, labor BI '. Fnuik Bohulz, labor -- 11 40 Frederlok Hmlke, labor 15 9u Patriik McCabe, latior 10 80 John Mi-Arthur, hilior Tñ John Manninjí, labor 1 f0 Herman Buonolz, labor Autrust Hlrk. teaming - 00 Micbael Kusterer, teaming.. BS Louis Rbode, tile tt Frank Borg, snppUea wo N. ButberUnd, horse and oart 22 50 Dean & Co., luppllea 1 f5 F, G. Scblelcher, sall 3 00 James Tulhert, ladder 1 75 Total 284 15 FUIK mïI'AKTMF.ST ll'ND. Fred Sipley, salary B0 00 CA. Edwards, Balary 50 00 Henry MoLaren, salary 50 00 Louis Hoelzle, sahiry 50 X Charles Carroll, salary 45 00 Max WltUlnger, salary 45 00 Frank Kapyi, salary 40 00 Alben Wc-t. salary 4(1 (KI Herman Kirn, salary UW1 Jobn Kenny , 6aiary - 8 00 Morgan Williams, salary H 00 Sam McLaren, salary 8 00 Wm.Bettiob, 8 00 Kram. wasbing 5 00 Kinsey & Seabolt. iuppliea T M H. J. Hi-own. --upj)lies 2 -1"' Henry O. Clark, hay 150 '■. W. Seybolt, borse shoeinjr I 1" Bwathel, Kyer & I'eterson.oats, bran.. 20 80 James Donegan, horse shoeins; i :i" C.Eberbach. Buppllej 1 ' Total 6 )5 pólice pnmi. James U. Murray, salary H ' David Colllns, salary 50 00 Noble C. Tice, Balary 50 00 Total 1 00 POOK FISD. Pred Sii!cy. salary 10 00 E. Bberbaoh, wood t8 00 Mrs. Ann BvSns, M " 00 John Claele, grooerlefl 5 tt Jobn Ooetz Son, grooertes 4 87 John (ioftz, jr . 5 2! Goodyear ft Co., Bupplioe 1 40 Willlam F. Lodbolx, grooerles William 11 Mclnlyn'. (frocerles IS 70 O'Haimft Boy Ie, grooerle ó r: Cupar Büuey, grooerlei 1" 17 Klnsej ft SeaboTt, grooeriefl 11 K (i. 1'. Sicin. meat '■' TL' Q. W. Seybold. repairs on wagon 1 K Total 143 70 ItECAriTl.'I.ATI(IN. Contingent Fund % 72:! 71 Street Fund Ï84 16 Fire Fund 4il 85 Pólice Fund 185 00 Poor Fund 143 70 Total ( 1,783 21 Respectf ully submitted. Waltbr L. Taylor, Finance Com. Aid. Prettyman moved that the report be accepted and adopted, and warrant ordered draws tor the sums stated therein. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Snow, Ferguson, ïaylor, Kitson, Prettyman. - 8. Nays - None. SI l'l'LKMEN'TAKY REPORT. Tb tlie Common Coumil: Your Committee on Finance respectfully report that they have had the following bilis under consideration and would recommend their allowance at sums stated: COXTINiiKNT mCD. John It. Hlner, reg. and election, flret ;ird Í 12 .V) D. Kred BohaJrer, reg. and eleotlon, firtt wurd 12 00 Jas. K. llacli, ok-olion insp., ürst ward ." m D. C. Pall, clerk of eleotlon, " 5 00 W. H. Butler, clerk of eketion, flrst ward 3 00 Thomas Taylnr, sale kieper, tirst ward 2 00 Martin Clark, " " 2 00 Eugene Oesterlln, reg. and eleotion, ■eoond wsrd 12 50 OhrUtlan Martin, reg. and election, Bocond ward l : William Herz, rog. and election, second ward 10 00 Geo. B. Sohwab, clerk of election, second ward 5 00 Albert Schumacker, clerk of election, eecond ward 5 00 Fred Huhn, (tate keeper, second ward.. 2 00 Louie Kurti, " " 2 00 James Kearns, rep. and election, thlrd ward 12 50 Willlam O. Snow, reg. and election, thlrd ward 12 50 A. II. Fillmore, reg. and election, tnird ward 1000 Charles Deitas, clerk of election, tnird WilUatn Á.' ciark.' cïerit' of 'eïectïon,' mini waru ö Uu Thomas Hannon, gate-keeper, thlrd ward 2 00 Orvüle W. Sage, gate-keeper, tblrd ward 2 00 John Baumgardner, reír, and electlon, fourth ward „ 12 60 A. P. Ferguson, reg. and election, fourth ward 12 50 John O' Mara, reg. and election, fourth ward 10 00 C. Frank O'Hearn, clerfc of election, fourth ward 6 00 Frank Vandawarker.clerk of election, fourth ward 5 00 John Nowland, gate-koeper, fourth ward ■ oo Mlchael O'Toole, gate-keeper, fourth ward 2( Thomas Speeehley, reg. and election, flfth ward „ 12 60 W ïltcr I.. Taylor, reg. and election, flfth ward o 50 Eruest Kehljerg, reg. andolection.nftli waru 10 I John Roylan, clerk of election, flfth wHrd 5 (jo llRrry Hammond, clerk of election flfth ward 5 00 Jacoli Kalmbacli. gate-keèper, flfth NeUoo GárÜnghbiiié, gatékeêper.flfUi John W.Bënnett, reg. and èïeotlon, Bixthward ■■■■■■ H. G. Prettyman, reg. and eleotton, -ixtli rara .■ v ' M A..I. I and c lectioD, siih WfLrH " John Duffy," Vlerk of electton, Blxth „.,,,] ■ 00 F. Martin, elerk of election, sixth ward v o0 MarquisD. Miller, gate-keeper, sixth w7&. HBtto,'gate-'k6epr"süth "wárd.. ï 00 Metiólas Glaser, 4! alm 81 w H c; prettyman, 7dlnnere, slxtnwara o su r co„ room tor election, "i lo "" ra, room lor registratlon, _ Beoond ward ' w Louis Weiiiniaiin. room for Bleotlon, I ward 10 w WaRhtenaw Evenlng Timos I'ublishIngCo.notlce M ailey & Dow, rep&tra ' '■ rofsmann & Bchlenker, stovc for ond ward och& llciino. iahlp. etc '-1 10 . gutherlsnd, norse and wagon 4 .li erman Buckholz, lalior imttlns up Iniollis ( Willis Clark, labor putting wp boothg nn ArborDemoorat, election iK.tit-e 2 50 Total ü"' " FlNAHCH COMMITTEE. Aid. Taylor moved that the report be accepted and adopted, and warrant ordered drawn for tlio sums stated therein. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wíiips. Bchairer, Martin, Snow, Fftrgiuon, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyiiüin. - 8. Xays- None. Aid. Prettyman moved that the bilis of C. Martin. A. P. Ferguson, A. .1. Kitson, inspectors, and Jas. R. Bach, clerk of special election, be allowed, and warrants ordered drawn at $5.00 each. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Wlnes, Schairer. Martin, Bnow, Ferguson. Taylor, Kitson, PretMiian. - 8. Nays - None. Aid. Taylor moved that the bill of the Ann Arbor Argus, for printinn, be allowed, and a warrant be rdered drawn for $124.00. Adopted as follows: Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, DOW, Ferguson, Taylor, Kitson, Pretvman. - 8. Xays - None. Aid. Prettyman moved that the bill f the Ann Árbor Argus, for printing ,wo hundred diphtheria and scarlet allowed, and warrantfl be ordered drawn for $5.00. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Dow, Ferguson, Taylor, Kitson, Pretyman. - 8. Xays - Xone. STREET. 2b the Common Coundl: Your committee on streets to whoin as referred the resolution relating to ie construction of a side-track across dia h Main street with power toact in the premises, respectfully submit the following report: Your committee visitad and iiispectcil the premises, and round that to Krant therequest of Mr. Bodmer, would be a great favor to him and a substantial benefit to the raihvay company, and no particular injury to the city. and we concluded to permit the sidetrack to be constructed, on tbe condirion mentionedin the resolution. Siuli condition being more particularly stated in a memorandum tliereof .whicii your committee thouglit prudent to require, a copy of which is submitted herewith. Your committee recommend that the form of such memorandum be approved, that the action of your committfe in granting such permission be affirmed, and that the execution of such memorandum, and the supervisión of the construction of sucU side-track. ml its planking be referred to the Board of Public Works. All of which is respectfully submittetted. Chbistian Martin, L.D. WiNi-.s, A. P. FBEGU8ON, W. (.. Snow, II. G. Pkkttym.w. V. L. Tayloh. Street Cornmittee. Aid. Ferguson moved that the reort be, and the same s hereby approved and contïrmed. Aid. Wines moved to amond that the ast clause in the proposed contract be striken out. Adopted. The original motion as amended nevailed. Aid. Prettyman moved that when we adjonrn, we adjourn to meet Thursday evening, April 8th, at 8 o'clock. Adopted. REPORTS O CITY OFFICEKB. CITY TKEASURER'S REPORT FOR TOE MHNTII ENDINO JIARCH 31. 1893. To the Common Council of the City of Ann . 1 bar : Balance on hand as per last report $17,045.95 MONEY RECEIVED. Continifent Tiind - Miller. Mcenses 751 Interest ItfJtS Polios i-'und- Pond, fees 31.00 Total t 185.06 Ï17.33101 MIINEV DISBUR8ED. Contingent Fund t ttSM Street Fund a4.24 Firemen's Fund 40H.05 Pólice Fund 174.50 Poor Fund 18356 Soldiere' Relief Fund M.OU Total Dlsnursemonts t 1,905.60 Total on hand 1S.325 41 BALANCE ON HAND, Contingent Fund, urswD 1WU.44 Street Fund, overdrawn 78225 Firemen'e Fund 5,154. H Pólice Fund 1511 ! PoorFund 1.35162 Water Fund 8,178.21 Cemetery Fund S58.67 Soldiere' Belief Fund.. 1,086.60 Univenity Hospital Aid Bond Fund 840.00 Delinquent Tax Fund overdrawn 1,400.81 Bridge, culvcrt and Crosswalk Fund, 5.008.16 Dog Tax Fund 100.00 Total 1 18.48.91; 3,163.50 Total on hand I 15,336.41 Respectfully submitted, S. W. Beakes, City Treasurer. Ann Arbor City, April 5. 1893. The monthly reports of the City Treasurer, City Clerk, Marshal, and Superintendent of the Poor, were read and ordered placed on tile. Aid. Ferguson moved that the vote on resolutions regarding tlie laying of gas ord nances on the table be reconsidereil. Adoptad. Aid. Wines moved thftt the resolutton of Aid. Snow in regard to laying gas ordinancea on the table be rescind ed. Adopted. A fter whlch tlie chair having stat d the question to be, "Shall tbis ordiniara?" On motion of Aid. Prettyman the followini amendment was read and substituted for 8ection6. Section 6. - The f uel gas furnished by the company at aeventy-five per thousand cubic feet shall contain an average of ;it least four bnndred available heat units percublc foot, testa to be evaporative. Provided that if the company shall furniah fuel pas at a price leas than aeventy-ñve cents per thousand cubic feet, auch gas may have fewer than four hundred units to the cabio foot, and the number of heat units may be reduced, in proportion, as tlie price is reduced. Aid. Schairer moved tiiat Mr. Packham be allowed the floor. Adopted. After whlch, the chair having stated the qoestion to be: "8hall this ordinance pass as amended?" Tlie yeas and nays beini; called, the ordinance, as amended, passed as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wines, Schaker, Morton, Snow, Ferguson, Kitson,Prettyinan7. Nays- None. AM. Taylor stated that ho had never heard the ordinance read and wished to be exruped from voting. Aid. Wines moved that we return to the order of business of Ordinances. Adopted. The tliird reading by sectionsof "An Ordinance Extending the Time of Operation of tlie l'rovisions of an Ordinance entitïed ('An Ordinance Relative to Gas Works," passed 8ept. 2, 188!, and approved Sept. 4, 1889. After which, the chair having stated the question to be, "Shall this ordinance pass?" The yeas and nays being called, the ordinance passed as follows: Yeas - Aid. Wines, Scliairer, Martin, Snow, Ferguson, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman- 8. Nays- None. Council then adjourned. W. ,T. MlLLER, City Clerk. Council Chambkh. i Ann Arbor, April 6. 1893. Í Adjourned session. Called to order by Pres. Cooley. Roll called. Quorum present. Absent- Aid. Wines and Prettyman 9 President Cooley stated that as cluiirman of the Committees on Sewerage and Smoke Nuisances, he had drafted a report, which he thought ought to be submitted to the new Council. On motion of Aid. Taylor it was accepted and so referred. EBPOBTB UF CITY ÓFFICBBS. The City Clerk presented a tabulateil statement of the votes cast in the variouswardsof the city, as provided in Section 26 of the City Charter, as follows- ■6 Í. i, t i, Í t . 3 tí 3 a 2 L L f i J_ Mayor: H. M. Thompson.... 25] 104 160 IT5 B1 243 994 E. G. Mann 208269192151 70 61 951 Pres. f om. 'imn.: Wm. WT. Watts 196! 194 170 69 70 960 l.i-vi I). Wines 258 105148 146 5(232 94 City C1. Wm.J. Mlller 201367193161 72 77 977 Gleii V. MUls. i Í48I1OB 149 141 5S!SB 922 Patriok O'Hearn... 473 31)6 373 311 126:299 i - 1 ■ Justico df thc Peace: .1. V. Bennett 270 116 15 167 62 j:T 1011 N.G. Butts I782481t8146 66 68 886 lili First Ward Supervisor: John R. Miner 283 Ernán uel Wagner lil John tí. Palmer 17 Second Ward Supervisor: Eugene Oesterlin 233 Herman Gundert 119 Herman C. Markham 4 Third Ward Supervisor: James Kearns 328 Fred Esslinger 9 Fourth Ward Supervisor: George H. Pond 1T John S. Carroll 124 Isaac Dunn 16 Fifth Ward Supervisor: Thomas Speechley. 67 George W. Weeks 61 Itobert C. Winslow 0 Sixth Ward Supervisor: Evart H. Scott 2-54 Horace J. Purtield 35 First Wsrd Alderman: Charles W. Wagner... 226 Daniel A. MacLachlan 213 Paul Snauble 19 Second Ward Alderman: Christian Martin 356 M. Calvin Boylan 6 Third Ward Alderraan: Ariel II. Fillmore 180 Wm.Clancy, Jr 154 Wm. Copeland 13 Fourth Ward A Merman: Alvah P. Fcrj?u8on 267 William Salyer, Sr 34 Fifth Ward Alderman: Charles II. Manly 118 Nelson Rogers 2 Sixth Ward Alderman: Arthur J. Kitson 191 Richard E. Jolly 58 Eleazer A. Calkins 42 First Ward Constable: Thaddeu9 E. Thompson 393 Charles Boylan 20 Second Ward Constable: Paul Schal 1 254 Albert Fulford 107 Third Ward Constable-. Jasper Inius 188 (liarles Schott - 1 W Wm. Mack... 9 Fourth Ward Constable: Thomas F. Leonard 272 Daniel Strickler 81 Pifth Ward Constable: Charles Fox --- 64 Alexander Williams -- 2 Sixth Ward Constable: Heiiry Marsh 185 John Shirley - 67 John C Wilson 82 W. J. Mru.BR, City Clerk. [ONS an;i ON8. By Alderman Ferguson : .". - :hc iiiiiinii ( oiuicil of tlie t Ann Arbor, in regular seaslon at the Ity, on this sixtli daj of April, A. D. 1893, do declare and bereby . tiiat at the municipal electlon, held in ,11 Arbor, on the third April, A. 1. 1888, the following named were duly and Iawfully elected to the lollowing named city offices, viz : For Mayor- Bradley M. Thom Kor President of the Common l'ouneil- Wllllam W. ' tv Clerk- Wllllam J. Miller. For ( Ity Assessor- Patrick o'llcarn. For Justice of the Peace- Johu W. Bennett Kur Supen iïst Ward- John K. Mlner. 2d Ward- Eugene Oesterlin. Sd Ward- James Kearna. lili Ward- George 11. Pond. 5th Ward- Thomas Speechly. 6tb Wn ril- Kvurt II. SOOtt. For A.ldermen : lst Ward- Charlea W. Wagner. M Ward- Chrlstian Martin. Sd Ward- Ariel II. Fi 1 1 more. 4th Ward- Alvnh 1'. Fereason. 5th Ward- Charles II. Manly. (tli N'ard - ArthurJ. Kitson. For Constables : lt Wurd- ïhaddeiis E. Thompson. 2d Ward- Paul Schall. 8d Ward - Jasper Ixnus. 4ih Ward- Thomas F. Leonard. Bth Ward- Charles Poï 6tb Ward- Henry Marsh. WhilCh reaomtton, !claraiion and i-t'i i ii ■;itc,]ri'viii:'(l ly a yea and nay - tollowe : Ycas- AldB. S h:i:rv. Martin, Ilcrz, Fiilmore, simw, Fergueon, O'sfara, i'ayidr. Kltson aml Pres. Oooley- 11, Nays - None. By Alderman Martin : Bet d iiiat the sura of two dollars in gold eoin be appropriated from the Contingent Fund tn pay the salary of the Mayor. Son. Wllllam '.. Doty, tlint the city l'lerk do cause such coin to he suitably lncased and pro] Inscribed, and present the same to bis honor the Mayor, iu the name of the People of the city. eed, fiirthcr. thnt the thnnks of tliis 1 ure hereby tendered to Hou. Wllllam .. Doty. for the constant care with which the business of the office ol Mayor has been performed during his vefy brilllant admiuistration. Adoptt'd as follows: Yt-as - AMb. Sliaiicr. Mai-tiiii. Ilcrz, 1-illmoip, Snow. FergHUSOé, oMara, HchlKTg-. Tayl.w. Kitson, and Pres. CJooley- 11. Nays - None. By AUerniau Martin : Reêolvtd, That the thanks of the Council are tendered to Prof. M. K. Cooley. for the constant couitesy and uniform Impartlality with which preslded over the deltberatlon of this council. and we part with his wisdom and prudent inethod with great n Adopted as follows: Yeas -Aids. S haJrwr, Martin, Bérz, Füllmiore, Saiow, FengMfiiui, O'Mara, Bekberg, Haijrlor, and KitBön- 10. Nays- Xone. On motion the council adlourned.


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